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.... I wanted to ask if it was feasible to actually powder coat your brass without interfering with tolerances? Probably a bad idea.
Bad idea. The thickness of powder coat varies a bit but for cast bullets it hardly matters. But a case even a thou too large will make chambering difficult.

Answers to questions not asked:

Seems some folk don't understand that tarnished brass (black) is not, ipso facto, "dirty". Therefore, while removing the tarnish sure looks better, and I do it for that, I know it's purely cosmetic. I've learned that tarnish removal by soaking cases in straight white vinegar is easy, cheep, effective, low odor ... and very safe to do.

Some folk have cautioned others who use vinegar to dilute it with water and to only let the cases soak for a few hours due to a fear the supposedly horrid acid we use in salad dressings and pickles will "leech" zinc from the cases. Well, all that watering down the vinegar (acetic acid) can do is take longer for the same effect. And brass is not porous so the only zinc that can possibly be affected is on the surface, NOT from deep within the metal.

I've experimented with soaking tarnished cases in straight vinegar a couple hours and up to a week to see what happens; seems a few hours to overnight works fine. And, I found that regardless of any longer soak after the tarnish was gone (and normal tumbling to remove the soft residual tarnished surface pink) none of the treated cases looked or preformed any different from new cases.