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Thread: It's a .22, what could go wrong?

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    Boolit Master

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    Oct 2009
    Northern Michigan
    It is a good policy to always wear glasses when shooting. None of the ranges I used to shoot at would allow someone without eye protection on the line. If you cannot afford shooting glasses, those cheap plastic things Harbor Freight sells are OK, but get scratched up if you do not put them in a protective bag. I use the little cloth sack from Crown Royal for a spare set just in case. But I have a couple of sets of shooting glasses. Not cheap but worth it. One set has interchangeable lenses for different light conditions.

    Glad it was not more serious.
    Don Verna

    NRA Endowment Member

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    Boolit Buddy SgtDog0311's Avatar
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    Oklahoma and Idaho - and not depending on the weather.
    At 65 I'm lucky. Always been cavalier about protection. And with severe Glaucoma anything else between my eye and the sights is that much worse. Then a couple years ago a fella laying on the line right next to me nearly lost his sight just from the primer giving way. You'd have thought that big sharps block would have sent everything to the sides but he still lost a lot of vision... forever. And the very next year I saw a fella have a 22 give (never saw the case after but I saw the splatter on his glasses and face). Now I wear glasses. They are pain but with failing vision I'm not rushing further loss. Its a constant problem but much further deterioration and I won't be driving, much less shooting, so can't afford to play around. Working in the trades, both welding and carpentry my cavalier attitude could have cost me much earlier. Like I said luck was with me!
    Best Regards,

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    Boolit Bub
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    South Alabama
    Glasses are a must for shooting, regardless of the distance you're shooting or where you're shooting. The certified ballistic safety glasses are hands down the best, but I balk at laying down hundreds for a pair. Regular polycarbonate glasses give pretty good protection and are well within my budget.

    Online eyeglass outlets to the rescue. The prescription computer glasses I'm wearing now cost me $8 through Zenni optical. Really. $8. Plus shipping. Lots of articles online for how to read your prescription. If you add 1.00 to the cylinder number for one eye, that eye will focus at 20-30". Do it for only your dominant eye and now it focuses on your pistol sights and the other eye focuses on the target. Keep both eyes open and your brain will put it all together after a few minutes. Get another pair with maybe 1.50 added to that one eye and you should now have that rear rifle sight in focus. Since both eyes are single vision the cost is ridiculously cheap online. Two pair of aviator style glasses for shooting, under $30 total. For about $100 you could have both pair made as bifocals in case you need to read something.

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    Boolit Master
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    Oct 2007
    SW Oregon
    Some time back I got the brilliant idea to salvage some loaded 22lr cartridges I found discarded/dropped where I shoot.
    Most of the ones that had firing pin indents still failed to fire.
    Lack of priming I suppose.
    On of the indented ones fired but the case failed at the old firing pin indent.
    Smoke came out of the action and blew the extractor out of the gun.
    I found the extractor and put it back where it belonged.
    There was no long term damage to the gun.
    Lesson learned.
    Loaded 22 lrs I find now, with or without firing pin indents go in the trash...dale

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    I'm not sure how relevant it is but I shoot a lot of the 60 gr Aguila ammo in one of my rifles, I made a fast twist barrel for it and it's true performance has yet to convince me it's anything special, but I'm working on it... I was shooting it the other afternoon and had probably 90 rounds (Aguila 60's) through it and decided I would try a standard velocity match grade 40 gr. for a group and see how they compared. First round in was a little snug, didn't give it any thought but extraction was a little difficult, second round pushed in but then it required a cleaning rod to extract it. I am a slow learner sometimes but I stopped to evaluate the situation then. The 60's uses a case equivalent to the short and at the case mouth location in the chamber a small ridge of residue develops - when a standard length LR case is inserted it hits this ridge and becomes an area of resistance like a speed bump and captures the case. Now in my situation, I made the reamer that cut that chamber and it's a little tighter than SAMMI spec so I don't know if anyone else will experience this condition, but this second case also had a split develop at that ridge point going forward. I didn't have the gas blow-back probably because of the residue ring but any condition in a chamber can cause a reaction of sorts... be aware and pay attention to the small details. Excessive dimensions including extractor fits allow case expansion to the point of rupture. The charge in the case for this 60 gr pushes it at velocities well under supersonic in my experiences (800 - 900 fps), but in the whole scope of things, the projectile is half again as big so without cleaning before switching brands these little subtle changes can result in significant reactions.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    Boolit Master LAH's Avatar
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    In The Hardwoods
    Had a round split a couple years back.
    Joshua 1:9

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    Boolit Master
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    Apr 2012
    Longview, Washington
    Back around early 70's when I first saw and fired blazer 22 long rifle , it seemed like there were quite a few to a box that went bang and separated and split , was just what one expected from cheaper ammo , it has got a lot better , in early 80's I was buying cheap south american 22 long rifle ammo from a local store there would be plenty that were a touch under powered and some that went off with more then they should have , glasses for shooting are a good thing .

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    I was a teenager, the gun was a bronco .22 "bicycle rifle" with a twisting breach. I was holding it choked up and my finger was apparently over the junction between breachface and chamber. It was newly purchased Remington .22 short ammo, the gun had never done anything like that before, and was inspected by Remington afterward with nothing found to be out of spec.

    The rim was blown out for about 1/3 the circumference, but otherwise the case looked normal, and the bullet hit the target. My finger was split from the last knuckle up around the tip, the fingernail blown off, and the flesh hanging off with the bone and tendon sticking out. The flesh looked like half burnt/half raw hamburger meat and was covered in tiny brass flecks. I was pretty sure there was no saving it, but the old W.V. doctor was able to joke about it, get it cleaned up and sewed back together, and now I just have a scar about 3/4" long and a crooked fingernail. I still can't put pressure on the scar without wincing though... good thing I wasn't serious about learning the guitar!

    Remington pulled that lot off the shelves, but as far as I know, mine was the only incident. I never pursued it beyond making sure they were aware of the issue and letting them inspect the rifle and remainder of that box of ammo.

    I'm very careful about how I hold guns ever since. Practical Zombie Survival

    Collecting .32 molds. Please let me know if you have one you don't need, cause I might "need" it!

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    Boolit Master
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    Mar 2016
    I think I have had all brands at one time or another have a case or two split on me. So you never know. It is wise to wear eye protection.

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