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Thread: Lyman turbo charger media reactivator

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    Lyman turbo charger media reactivator

    Is this green crap good for anything? does it work for anyone? what am i doing wrong? I followed the directions

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    Apr 2012
    So how exactly are you going to reactivate media? Media gets worn out by getting clogged up with crud so the edges aren't as sharp as well as the edges getting beat down. How is anything going to fix the edges or unclog the media without just re clogging it?

    I get tremendous life out of my corn cob media, mine is way past the point of green and dirty, by just adding some Nu Finish car polish and a used dryer sheet. Dryer sheets collect a bunch of dust when the media is new and keeps collecting dirt particles every time the tumbler is run. The car polish puts a good shine on the cases and helps clean cases even when the media is past its prime. 2 hours in my tumbler and even the dirtiest brass comes out looking good with a nice shine. I don't know maybe the car polish is a reactivator but I kind of think its doing a lot of the polishing work.

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    I haven't bought ground walnut in about 10 years. Yes it gets worn smooth and stained but get wood wet and it swells. I am a bit retentive about grass cleaning and processing but I will be brief. I de-prime and wash my brass, I don't like transferring crud to my press. Since rifle brass needs lube I put the brass in a container with a lid and add a dribble of vegetable oil and shake. When sizing I make sure to swipe my finger over the case mouth to lube the expander ball. The brass gets washed in warm soapy water, to remove the oil, with a little lemon juice added.

    After about 5 minutes I strain the brass and just dump it wet into the Lyman tumbler. After about an hour of running the media and the brass is dry. About once a month I would put a tablespoon of Turtle Zip Wash into the tumbler. That shines things up nicely and seals the pores of the brass and keeps it brand new looking. About every 6 months I put my media into a zippered burlap bag, soaked and rinsed until the water runs clear. I have 2 burlap bags so I always have fresh media while one hangs out to dry.

    Sure, I can buy new media but the old stuff is still working good. When it stops I will go to Petco and get more. The old stuff makes a flux.
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    anything i have tried that is supose to boost media has at best had sorry results.yeas ago i bought a tumbler made by Berrys.the dealers for them had some stuff in a very small that stuff worked great.but that was 30 years alot of things like this I am sure it is bad for you and not leagel anymore.The car wax seems to do the best in the old tumbler yep still have it and it the only one i have.

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    You really should not use the old media as a flux in your pot. Even though it is cleaned it will still have a LOT of lead oxides still in the mix. Sure way to get lead poisoning

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    Itís a dry heat.....


    I guess I’m in the minority. I have used the Lyman reactivator twice in the past ten years, and both times it has worked wonderfully with my well-used walnut media. I did run the Lyman vibrator for about hour with a few scraps of paper towel first to “clean” the media. Now the brass comes out looking new with a bright finish - compared to the poor results prior to adding the reactivator. Follow the instructions and you will be happy with the results.


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    what a scam, just cut up some used drier sheets and toss them in. It will cut down on the dust and remove the dirt

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    I add cleaner only once when the media is new.
    After that, I only add rubbing alcohol to it.
    Two cap full.
    Let it run a little while, and dump the brass in.
    Alcohol seems to reactivate the cleaner.
    When the tree has tangerines, I put fresh peels in to clean the media.
    Anykind of citrus peels work.
    It also makes the brass shiny.
    Cleans much more that drier sheets, but those work too.
    Media stays somewhat clean for years.
    Walnut last much longer that corn cob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomme boy View Post
    You really should not use the old media as a flux in your pot. Even though it is cleaned it will still have a LOT of lead oxides still in the mix. Sure way to get lead poisoning
    I have a question. When we flux, my understanding is that we do so to return the oxides to the alloy in the form of their respective pure(?) useable metal. If my understanding is correct, would the oxides in the media not be returned to the alloy as well? This is just a question for the sake of asking the question for me as I do not recycle old media, I just use it as fill in a hole behind my reloading shack.

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