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Thread: Another airgun beef.

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    Nov 2006

    Another airgun beef.

    This beef has been simmering for awhile, and I don't want to put down the Brits but here goes!! As a group I believe that they have not fought the good fight in regards to firearms and in this case "airgun power levels". The forums are full of reviews and stories of guns with less than 12 ft. pounds of energy, which is totally irrelevant to us without those limits. Spending $3000 dollars on and airgun that can put out 100 ft/lbs, and them throttling it back to 12 ft. lbs makes no sense, even for the brits. Shouldn't they be fighting this "tooth and nail" if there are so many airgun shooters there as it looks like on the computer. Unless they are going to do reviews and comment on higher power levels, I say web sites here should delete their stuff. Watching a review of a nice airgun, and then finding out that it is being shot/tested at 300 fps. I'm thinking that half of the internet airgun info is from Britain and of no use to most of us. What say the rest of you??

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    Jul 2009
    I find the mild, 12 fp, airguns enjoyable. I am glad I don’t have to worry I might wind up outside the law just because I wound up shooting one light pellets, but I find them highly enjoyable. I did the MORE power thing, found the guns big, heavy, and harsh shooting. I shoot a couple 10 meter rifles frequently, not even close to 12 FP, they are accurate beyond belief. I prefer to hunt with more powerful 5mm and 22 cal airguns, but still sedate by power standards. Dr Beeman white an article about the very issue, referencing the popularity of the R7 for shear fun. The Brits don’t have the hunting opportunities many of us do , and 12 FP is much easier for them than all the hassle of FAC paperwork. I don’t think they are big fans of the limit, but not something to riot about. Find you a nice, top quality, 12fp air rifle and give it a try, might find it interesting. Glad we have choices, but power is not a good measure of airgun worthiness. No amount op power will make a 177 pellet into a deer gun or 100 yard bench gun, but 6fp cuts holes in paper and tin cans. They are all fun and have a place in the world, one american’s opinion.
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    Jun 2010
    I don't find any merit in your post of position regarding what the Brits are using. They need a firearms certificate to use any air gun that is rated more than 12fpe. They mostly hunt very small game and vermin and the 12fpe is all they need. I have a Brit made airgun and it's around 28-30fpe....and it's made to be sold in the U.S. So what's the problem? Just buy one made for more energy. They also like to shoot for accuracy and don't need a "magnum" airgun. Again, if you live here and want more energy for hunting just get a real firearm. If you're looking for airgun competition accuracy get an airgun. You don't need much power to shoot competition. There's a shooting sport called Field and Target. It's only here in the U.S. where you're even allowed to use anything larger than .17cal. If it upsets you that much, don't read about it and don't buy one. You certainly have a lot of choices in this country and can do what ever you please.

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    My opinion, their country, they have to live in it, they have to put up with its laws.

    If enough of them wanted they could make changes. Obviously not enough want to.

    That being said I have killed a lot of critters with a Sheridan Blue Streak with only 2 or 3 pumps. Eight full pumps is averaging in the mid 600's fps wise.

    More power is not always the most accurate, in fact in my experience the opposite is true. YMMV.

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    Boolit Master
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    Jun 2009
    I find the 12 lb airguns more pleasurable to shoot. Easy to cock, smooth firing sequence, and most accurate at these power levels. In the U.K., their firearm sport organizations, compromised their gun rights, for "common sense" regulation, again and again, until they had basically nothing left. We must make sure it doesn't happen here. This is what they are left with, airgun police, who justify their existence, by harassing airgun enthusiasts, over the 12 lb limit. They do check people at random, with test equiptment. To legally own an airgun over 12 lb, you need a FAC license, which requires jumping through a bunch of hoops to get. I belong to several airgun forums, based in the U.K., and I read about the hassles our counterparts have to endure. Despite this, most across the pond, have resigned themselves to this, and deal with it. For most there, the advantages of 12 lb, outweigh the restrictions.

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    I like airguns for less power, If I want to reach, a .22-250 AI with 1in8 twist and 75 grainers is ready to go.
    Big game? .35 Whelen will tip over anything roaming Montana.
    Back yard training? Varmit hunting in places starting to get built up? Air guns with pellets do a nice job with out stirring up the neighborhood.

    12ft-pound guns are okay for shooting close in.
    But a 12 ft-pound limit on guns you can have is pretty sad.

    Any of you subjects of the crown get lucky enough to visit Yellowstone park, and have an extra day in the area send me a PM. Maybe we can go burn some powder!
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