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I've used the RCBS 300gr FN GC for many years in my 1980 straight grip 1895 Marlin. Excellent accuracy, I prefer the flatter trajectory and less recoil. I use 4227, 4198 or 5744(Buffalo Rifle) for pleasant shooting at 14 -1600 fps and kills deer just fine. I do use Barnes 300gr Originals (pure copper jacket,pure lead) with Accurate 2015 at 2200 fps on elk,moose. Unpleasant to shoot but very effective, all one shot stops, normally full pass-thru. NOE has a 460-315 that looks similar.
I too use the 300 grain gas checked flat nosed RCBS in a Browning 1885 with good, long range use for deer hunting. I also have the 500 grain version of this RCBS mold that I used to use with black powder with good accuracy but hitting something at longer ranges, plus the harder kick makes me leave those loaded rounds on the shelf and take the 300 grainers.