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Thread: Large pistol primers

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    Availability is king, and familiarity is queen. I've primarily used CCI for 35 years, as they were available when I started. I've used a couple K of WLR when CCI wasn't available, and many 1000s of S&B for service rifle when they were cheap at Cabellas. Stayed away from Fed due to the packaging size, and never tried REM. Only problems I've ever had were seating the WW in PPU brass, I'm more inclined to blame that on the brass. I should get some Fed SP just for my S&W Model 624-3 as it tends towards light strikes since it got a new Wolf trigger spring sometime in the 90s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jtarm View Post
    Winchester or CCI, though I'm having a few issues in my 625PC.

    An Apex pin & spring are en route, I hope they'll fix it. If not i may bevshopping for Federals.

    Back in the 80s I bought a Model 24-3 and immediately got a competition action job done on it. The DA pull breaks between 7 & 7.5 lbs, but it's never failed to pop any primer.

    I used CCI almost exclusively for 15 years, blisfully ignorant of primer hardness.
    Current unplated Win are pretty soft. The nickel plating tends to make them a bit harder to dent.
    NRA Cert. Inst. Met. Reloading & Basic Pistol

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    Some donít run as well in my progressive as others, so thatís a consideration, but for me itís usually price that wins and S&B has delivered the most savings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outpost75 View Post
    In my serious bullseye target shooting days I preferred Federal primers, but these days any US made primer by CCI, Federal, Remington or Winchester is fine. I look for the best price on 5000 case quantities.

    Of the imported primers RWS and Norma were excellent back in the day and I would actually prefer them now if I could get them.

    I've experienced dimensional incompatibility problems with Russian and Eastern-European primers, Tula, Sellier & Bellot, etc. and will not use them.

    During the primer scarcity I did get some Fiocchi small pistol primers and they were very good and I would feel confident using them if available for a good price.
    A Hornady rep told me Sellier & Bellot are pretty off.

    After reloading some of their .38 Special brass, I
    believe it. The pockets are incredibly tight. Fortunately there were only about 200 cases, so I culled them. They required so much pressure to seat Winchester or CCI primers, I decided the wear on my press and arm weren't worth it.

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    Boolit Man
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    Jul 2012
    Winchester, and I have tried them all.

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    Boolit Mold
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    Mar 2020
    I had seating issues with the last batch of Winchester LP primers I used. I pretty much stick with CCI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldsalt444 View Post
    Whatever is on sale. I usually end up with Winchester. A primer is a primer is a primer. The differences are insignificant except for magnum primers.
    ......until the differences are significant. Three loads for me that went from experimental failures to accurate successes. All 44WCF, all 220 grains 30-1 alloy bullets. 6.4gr Trailboss and 36gr of Swiss 2f. With Winchester Large Pistol primers and Trailboss ,shooting from a bench-rest position the group size at 100 meters was twice as tall as the 100 meter rams. With everything else being equal CCI 300 primers reduced the group to a 2in round cluster . With Swiss 2f switching from WLP to CCI 300 got rid of the hard dry fouling just ahead of the chamber and shrunk the 200 meter group size from a few feet down to 5in. (yes, using the proper lube with both) The same bullet with a case full of Reloader 7 switching from WLP to CCI 350 had the same results at 200 meters.
    I know that this is my rifle, bullet powder, caliber combination and your mileage may vary. I am not saying that Winchester Large Pistol primers are junk. I am just saying a different primer can make a large difference. I am also willing to say that with all things being equal switching from WLP to something else could absolutely ruin your pet load.

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    If I can get a CCI primer to ignite 100% of the time, that gun will ignite any other primer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnt Fingers View Post
    Between my buddy and I we're shooting around 700-800 rounds per week.

    At that point it's boils down to whatever we can get the best price on.

    I really wish I had purchased a LOT more the of S&B primers.

    We've been getting Winchester pistol primers for $27.50/1000 at the gun show. That's the best price we've found. The one really fully stocked reloading store close to me sells CCI and Winchester at $32/1000. Even that price is pretty hard to beat since everyone is now charging sales tax.
    I have the S&B primers and had no issues. Price back then was so good I think I got 10,000 of both small and large.

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    Feb 2018
    I have been using CCI for most of 40 years of reloading. Lately I have been buying from folks wanting to get out of reloading and have had pretty good luck on everything but Wolf. My Ruger Blackhawk pokes holes in Wolf primers. I haven't tried any Remington Large Pistol but Sportsman's Warehouse had a sale for $1.99 a box, needless to say I now have quite a few to try. (Pre-Covid19 so I wasn't hording) I did use some of the Remington small pistol and they worked great in 357 mag.

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    WLP in 44 mag & 45 acp

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