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Thread: A fantastic mutually beneficial transaction

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    A fantastic mutually beneficial transaction

    I recently completed One of the best, mutually beneficial, transaction that Iíve ever been involved in on swapping and selling! It went so well but I thought Iíd share my experience with my fellow forum members.
    A couple weeks back I was on an out-of-state trip. as is my practice if I happen to drive past a local gun store I stopped in to see what they had. Much to my surprise stuffed on the shelf in the back of the shop was a box of lube/sizer dies and top punches. 10 dies and 10 top punches. Now Iím not gonna tell you what I paid for these dies and top punches but I will say that Iíve seen an individual Lyman lubesizer die listed on flea bay for more money then this whole box of dies and top punches. There was however one little problem. These were not Lyman or RCBS dies. They were all seaco sizer dies and punches. For those of you that donít know Seaco dies are not interchangeable with Lyman dies. Seaco dies are harder to find and typically more expensive than Lyman and RCBS dies. I currently have a Lyman 45 sizer and dies. I did however have a plan. That plan was to Either find a seaco lube sizer for sale or, Ideally, find someone willing to trade a Lyman 450 or 4500 for My newly acquired Seaco sizer dies and top punches.
    I guess I should say a couple of things about my mindset when it comes to selling or trading anything firearms or reloading related. Reloading and Shooting is a hobby of mine I do it because I enjoy it. if I sell something or trade something I donít do it for a profit. If I sell something related to my hobbies is done for Only a few reasons. I will sell an item because Iíve had it for a while, I donít use it, I donít plan on using it, and possibly someone else could benefit from it. or I sell an item because Iím really strapped for cash and I need the money to keep the lights on or food on the table or something like that or to fund another purchase. As was the case in this instance . I can count the times on one hand that I bought or sold something on fleabag and Iíve never use sites like gun broker. If I see an ad for something for sale and hthe first line starts out with vintage, hard to find, rare item, etc. I am mediately put one hand on my wallet any other hand on my backside. These are the reasons why I like swapping and selling and practically exclusively use this sub form when Iím trying to either buy or sell an item.
    Anyway enough of my mindset back to my story. I list my sizer dies on swapping and selling with my intent to buy or trade. After about a day or so I received a couple of offers and without going into specifics they just didnít seem right. I donít like to do business solely with text messages if face-to-face is not a viable option I like to at least talk to someone on the phone. Call me old school or whatever but I just think it gives me a better feeling of who Iím doing business with when I at least get a chance to talk to them. After my items were listed for a couple of days I was finally contacted by fellow former member Firebyprolong. After a text message at two we decided it was best that we speak to each other on the phone. (I like where this is going already) if it took a five minute conversation that was a lot and both of us knew this this deal was going to be worked out. The whole process kind of reminded me of two farmers making a trade a couple hundred years ago. You know farmer ďAĒ has a pig and farmer ďBĒ has a cow. Farmer ďAĒ needs a cow and farmer ďBĒ needs a pig so they trade. Everybodyís happy with what they got and thatís the way it should be. Thatís exactly what happened between Firebyprolong and myself. What the actual deal consisted of is not important! Both parties are extremely happy with the way things worked out. Not only did I complete a successful transaction but more importantly i made a new friend. Firebyprolong is someone I would not hesitate to do business with in the future . Both of us have expressed interest in keeping the lines of communication open between us in the future . And that my fellow forum members is the Epitome of what a great transaction on swapping and selling is all about.
    Long, Wide, Deep, and Without Hesitation!

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    That's the definition of a good trade. Both sides come out happy.

    I'm glad it worked out for you!
    "Varium et mutabile semper femina." - Virgil
    Man, ain't it the truth....

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    That's exactly why I like hanging out on this site , the members here are good folks .
    Good job of passing along a good and usefully package !

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    I'm pretty tickled with our deal as well poppy. That collection of dies makes my saeco lubesizer about 10 times as useful. I'm really glad I had some extra gear in my stash that could get you up and going. Also any excuse to sit down and talk guns and reloading is a good one and I really enjoyed our several conversations sir. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar and are to be commended on a truly sound and square horse trade. I look forward to talking and dealing with you in the future my friend.

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    Yes, in over a decade of trading online, only a couple times was I disappointed with the way the trade talk went down. Most people are honest, unfortunately the crooks make a much bigger wave in the pond.

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    Most times, trades are much better than cash.

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    Trades and a cash bump ain't so bad either!
    takeo Shimizu , The father of organic chemistry

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    I was a member of the original Ammo Brass Trader site. There you could trade for any gun related items with anything you want (including greenbacks) so long as one side of the trade involved gun related items. Made for an interesting and very active trade site. Any trade, so long as both parties are happy, is a good trade.

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