Like new, and often hard to find MEC 600 Jr. Slugger Press with Extras! $365, firm, plus UPS or FedEx ground shipping.

The press and additional items cost me $465. I'm not using it enough to justify it sitting on my bench and need to make room for other reloading equipment inbound. The press works as MEC claims; it produces a folded crimp that looks like it a roll crimp. It does require small adjustments via the cam, for differences in loads. If you have worked with a MEC 600 Jr. press, the adjustments should be familiar. Primer feed has worked perfectly for me. I've sent about 100 hulls through the press. Flat nose slugs like the STI Hammerheads don't allow the fold to be completed. I guess that about an 80 to 85% meplat is not suitable for the press.

  • 600 Slugger Single Stage Press
  • Powder bushings included with press:
    • #37
    • #38
    • #39A
  • Additional Powder Bushings included:
    • #30
    • #31
    • #32
    • #33
    • #34
    • #35
    • #36
    • #38
    • #39
    • Powder Bushing Rack
  • Additonal Items added to or included with press:
    • Creative Reloading Solutions 600 Ultimate Knock Out1
    • 12 Gauge E-Z Prime for Single Stage
    • MEC 600 Slugger Short Kit
    • EZ Fill Funnel

1The MEC 600 Jr only de-primes the shell, but it makes no provision for correcting the hull. The CRS Knock Out swages the top portion of hulls and cleans crimp folds. The factory parts for the 1st stage are included.

If you have any questions, I will try to answer them here. The shipment is 12 lbs, PM me with your address if you would like a shipping quote.