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Thread: Custom build action question

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    Jun 2006
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    I'd go Remington. Easy to find one that won't break the bank, and the stock Walker trigger is perfectly fine for anything but serious benchrest. (I have never done the recall on mine, and won't.) Second choice a good grade of Mauser. Winchesters are just too gol-darned spendy for my taste. Springfield of course OK, and pretty easy to find as old "sporters", but somehow I just don't warm up to them.

    Enfield 1917s are strong as he11, but heavy, and they're cock-on-closing.
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    It's hard to give suggestions as to which action is best without knowing just what you want to end up with. Also, is money a consideration, or can you do a lot of the work yourself. In general, a commercial action will be way ahead of a military action, simply because of the time and work involved to change a military action to what a commercial one gives you.

    Myself, I'd look for a commercial 98, probably an FN, they're out there along with the branded ones and deals can be found. You get it all in one, decent trigger, ready for a scope, the metalwork is done, and a fine action. Just a new barrel, re-finishing, and the fancy wood. Paying someone to change a military 98 into what an FN gives you is kinda like throwing money away.

    It depends too on your definition of custom, it's different for a lot of people.....and it doesn't seem to mean what it did when I was building custom rifles.

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    I used a model 70 controlled feed action with a McGowan featherweight barrel to build mine. I had a couple of them lying around, but would not hesitate to use a 700 action to build another one.
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    Jun 2009
    All good answers and advice. I have built several rifles on Santa Barbra Mauser actions and have been very happy with them.
    I also have bought used Wetherby Athena ( Howa) actions and made match winning rifles using them. Their steel is first rate.
    My "Mile rifle" is one I built in 8mm Remington magnum using the Howa action with a 38" Douglas XX barrel, Remington 700 glass stock and Vortex scope. I did it on the cheap and have won a couple of the matches.
    What you want the rifle to do should tell you who's action to use. If your never going to shoot over 200 yards, a well used Turk Mauser action will fill the bill.( bolt/lug movement) Father out and any of the above actions will do nicely.
    I would still look at rifles converted in the 50-60's. Their cheap and all you may need to do is replace the barrel and bed the action.
    In my day the Elk hunters really liked the .35 Whelen. ( 06 opened up to .357)

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    I plan to use this rifle mainly for hunting deer, hogs and elk. Probably never take a shot over 300 yards.
    I know that the cheapest route would be the model 700 and I'm not ruling it out but I already have a few and am leaning towards something different. So far the model 70 or a civilian 98 sound good but I am still open to finding an old custom rifle that someone has done the hard work on the action.

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    Jan 2010
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    Sounds like your willing to spend the money to build a nice rifle. If not your better off buying a factory gun as you’ll be money ahead.
    If you go Mauser find a nice used commercial Mauser action. Parker hale, interarms, cz, Santa Barbara, fn are all good ones and make nice rifles. Stay away from the military actions, as by the time you drill and tap, bend the bolt, and replace the safety and trigger your money behind.
    Same thing with 1903 and 1917’s.
    Surprisingly you can find long action push feed m70’s and even the “ classic” m70’s for around 4-500 and they build nice rifles.
    If you go 700, easy button is to buy a $400 one from a big box store and strip it to the action and sell the take offs.
    However if you want to upgrade for a nicer action the ptg 700 clones are about $700, come with whatever extractor you want, and are trued so no extra machine work is needed. Same for the Stiller scout actions.
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    Somers, Montana, a quaint little drinking village,with a severe hunting and fishing problem.
    I've got good Mauser actions at gunshows, by buying rifles with nasty barrels and beat up stocks. Last one was a Herter's FN action. I gave around $250 for it.
    One thing many want to do is to chamber with a match reamer. I really advise against it. They are not forgiving of a speck of dust getting in the chamber, and to me are unsuited for a hunting rifle.
    The solid soft lead bullet is undoubtably the best and most satisfactory expanding bullet that has ever been designed. It invariably mushrooms perfectly, and never breaks up. With the metal base that is essential for velocities of 2000 f.s. and upwards to protect the naked base, these metal-based soft lead bullets are splendid.
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    I would choose a controlled feed. I think it makes a much nicer feel. I want a gun that makes me happy when I pick it up. A Winchester 70 controlled feed or one of the others would be very nice.

    I have a 7-08 match rifle built on a A303 Smith Corona action. It is as smooth as butter
    " If you cant do it with a 308 , you dont need to do it!

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