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Thread: hiking/fishing revolver

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    hiking/fishing revolver

    Hello all, I have been kicking the idea around of getting a revolver for hiking and fishing. I have the Taurus Judge but its big and bulking to be packing around. I have been thinking of getting a 2 inch 38 special for these adventures. I think the revolver because I can make some snake loads. I can not see spending a lot of money on that which is going to get wet, sandy, and dusty. I live in north Texas no bears, or other large carnivores maybe a cougar but doubt I will ever see one. what are your thoughts on an appropriate revolver for this kind of fun.
    thanks rrh

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    Boolit Master Thumbcocker's Avatar
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    East Central Illinois
    A 4" revolver carries almost as well as a 2" and is easier to hit with. A .357 is more versatile than a .38 as far as ammunition choices. I would take a hard look at a 4" stainless security six or a 4 5/8 Blackhawk. You might find one with the 9mm cylinder for even more ammo versatility.

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    Look at other Taurus stuff, namely their .38s. or .357s.

    Good stuff, and not so huge of an investment.
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    Maybe look for a Charter Arms Pathfinder .22. I have a stainless 3” .22 magnum I carry in my pocket for “snakes and other varmints”. The 3 or 4 inch barrel small frame revolvers with adjustable sights are much easier for me to shoot accurately than the 2”. I bought mine used for $250.

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    Boolit Master
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    Jun 2010
    My first choice is the Ruger 101 3" .357mag. It makes no sense to get a .38spl when the guns are the same size. It's stainless, accurate, and you can "power up" if you want to or just use the .38spl. I got one three years ago for the same reason you're getting one and I couldn't be happier with the choice I made. It's very accurate and manageable with full power loads...which you don't need to use. The bull in the pic is 3.8" and the distance was 25yds. Fired DA. It's actually mild to shoot with most .38spl loads.
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    Boolit Master Wheelguns 1961's Avatar
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    Jun 2018
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    How about a 3” lcrx. I have a 38spl one, but they also make a 357. My 38 weighs about 17-18ozs.
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    Boolit Master
    Rick Hodges's Avatar
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    Taylor, Michigan
    I second the LCRx-3. Makes a great kit gun and if the grip is too big for your tastes the LCR compact grip fits as well. 38 sp. is plenty of cartridge for your needs.

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    Boolit Master
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    Oct 2012
    Las Cruces, NM
    I used to have an SP101 in .357 I carried when fishing. It was a little heavy on long hikes.

    I like carrying an alloy snubbie but that 3" looks nice too.

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    Boolit Buddy engineer401's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Tri-Cities, WA
    Quote Originally Posted by Winger Ed. View Post
    Look at other Taurus stuff, namely their .38s. or .357s.

    Good stuff, and not so huge of an investment.
    The Taurus 692 has a three- inch barrel. It’s a Tracker model. I have a four- inch Tracker that does fine for what it’s intended. They are reasonably priced and the trigger is fairly smooth.

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    Boolit Bub glaciers's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
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    I with NSB on this one, I carry a SP101 357, 3". Fits in the back pocket just fine.

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    Boolit Grand Master Texas by God's Avatar
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    Get a Ruger Wrangler. Hard to beat a .22 for handiness. Colibris, Shorts, shotloads, HV to Stingers, all you need for our “country”. AND, they cost about $200......

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    Boolit Master 35 Whelen's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    North Central Texas
    May I suggest- Smith and Wesson Model 10-7. Looks like they're on sale for $220 too.

    I bought one, liked it so much, I bought another. Loaded with a 358429 close to 1,000 fps, they'll do for any 4-legged critters around our parts.

    For areas where social work may be required, a soft-ish 150 +/- gr. SWCHP running 1050 fps is perfect.

    Both of mine are extremely accurate shooting palm-size offhand groups at 25 yds. In the warmer months I keep a shot load in one of the chambers for our ever present rattlesnakes.

    I was down in the Fort Worth Stockyards this weekend and carried one of mine in the inside pockets of one of my vests.

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    Boolit Master Boogieman's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Western Ar.
    I'd choose the 3" SP101. wouldn't go to the woods with any thing smaller than a 357mag. Too many strange critters out there. The 357mag.will shoot all 38 spcl. loads including shot. I've had mine for 3 years, use it for CCW in warm weather. It gets over 1225 fps with 357mag. factory loads, 158gr , not much less than a 4" recoil is manageable , with 38 spcl, loads it's mild. The LCR is not a fun gun with heavy loads. Get a good gun belt and holster an carry it any time you can . A few weeks and you'll forget you have it on. I carry a 3" GP100 44 spcl. everyday In these woods even the Tooth Fairy carries.
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    Boolit Buddy
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    Mar 2005
    Indiana, USA
    I like the S&W Governor or the Taurus Judge in .45 Colt Cal./.410 Shot shell Chambering. The .410 shells are available with 3 each 0000 buckshot load and a variety of regular shot shell sized shot for snakes, rats and other varmints. Just one opinion.
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    Boolit Master
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    Jan 2010
    Tom, VA
    For ordinary day-to-day woods carry I like the S&W Model 317 Kit Gun. This little 22 long rifle revolver has a 3" barrel, and weighs only 12 ounces. Mine is very accurate, and fun to shoot.

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    Boolit Master RU shooter's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    SW Pa.
    As another option for snake medicine how about the charter arms bulldog in 44 spl. More pellets equals deader snake! Abouts same size/weight as most 38/357 snubbies
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    Boolit Grand Master

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    Jul 2005
    Lake Havasu City, Arizona
    "I have been thinking of getting a 2 inch 38 special for these adventures. I think the revolver because I can make some snake loads."

    I carried a 1 7/8" M36 "Chiefs Special" for pretty much the same reasons when out shooting ground squirrels and rock chucks with varmint rifles in NE Oregon for years. I did dispatch a few rattlers with the snake loads. the shorter barrel threw a much denser pattern than my 4" M15 revolver. Plus I hardly ever knew the M36 was there on my belt. I kept it loaded with snake loads but had 2 speed loader strips (Bianchi) in my pocket; one with WCs and the other with Winchester 158 LSWCHP+Ps in them. Worked for me.
    Larry Gibson

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    Boolit Bub
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    Jan 2008
    Central Arkansas
    Several years ago I chose the S&W 60-15 pro series (3") for my outdoors gun. Light, excellent accuracy and all the power I need for my part of the world. When I'm hunting, fishing or just walking in the woods I want the handgun to be there but not not obtrusive. Loaded with shotshells in the first two chambers backed by the load of choice in the final three it does what I need.
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    Boolit Master
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    Jul 2009
    A M36 fits the bill for me. I used my M696 for creek fishing cotton mouth gun until they got super pricey. Nothing in my world a full load 38 was cutter or snake shot won’t fix. Mine was bought in rough shape, slow rust blued and waxed. I opened the sight groove to one side to get more light and move poi slightly to zero. Also bobbed the hammer. Nice thing about doing the reblue, I would not file on a nice one. I shake any water off and lay it in the sun to dry, relube and inspect every so often. It is surprisingly accurate, but admittedly more difficult than a 4 inch K frame. A Taurus 85 would do as well, and lighter.
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    Boolit Master
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    Nov 2005
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    S&W 60 Pro, beautiful and well built revolver. On the smaller side so it carries very nice.
    East Tennessee

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