I've owned a .45 Colt "flat top" Vaquero that I had to have the cylinder rebored because it was out of specs. I sent it down the road because it was heavy and not fun to shoot with .44mag level loads. Next I purchased a Uberti made Beretta Stampede and found it not only balanced better (to me) than the Ruger and was more accurate with a cylinder where all 6 cylinders were bored .4525.

I later bought a "New model" (smaller frame) Ruger Vaquero and found it much like the Uberti in size and accuracy; however, I found that I really didn't care for the difference in unlocking the cylinder for loading and unloading that I had come accustom to in the Uberti (Colt clone). While the New Vaquero might take a small amount more pressure, as has been pointed out, the "clones" have more than enough power to do any job needed done (IMHO). One area worth checking is the length of the cylinder, for I also have a Uberti 1875 Outlaw that I cannot load a 45-270 cast bullet to recommended COAL - too short (the 1873 Uberti is OK).