I had constant problems sizing Lymans 268645 (bore rider, lube groove in nose) in a .268 die in a Lyman 450. A high % of Bullets would bend! Finally ordered a nose first sizer setup from Swede, and lube in a honed out .269 H&I die. My M-96 and M-38 Swede's love them, along with NOE's 268-130 sized in the same setup. I also use it to size NOE's 368-286 to .366 to suit my fussy Ruger Number 1. My Husky M-46 likes them .368, so the NOE .366 saves me the cost of another custom H&I die set. Both the sizing die setup and the several NOE molds I own are works of machinists art! Cleaned and heat cycled, they start to cast beautiful bullets right away. Another benefit of the nose first sizing setup is the way gas checks are seated absolutely square and flat every time.