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Thread: New vs. old Hoppe's

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    Boolit Master
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    Mar 2008

    Cool New vs. old Hoppe's

    And a Happy New Year to you all!

    Is there any difference, and if so, what, between the old classic Hoppe's #9 liquid and the new stuff bottled with the same label as the old?
    Does the new(?) formulation work as well as the old ?

    In this day and age of new "wonder" products which appear every there something that works as well or better than the old #9, without having to mix exotic potions like Ed's Red?

    I watched a presentation on YouTube by a fellow that goes by GunBlue490, and he is of the opinion that just plain old medicine cabinet Mineral Oil works as good as anything, removes carbon inexpen$ive! What say, boolit guys?


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    Jan 2018
    I can't say it's what I do, but my great grandfather used it on his WW1 Webley until he died. Claimed that's what he was given to use during his Canadian cavalry training. It still functions as good as any I've handled.

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    Way up in the Cascades
    Hmmm....I can't really say, as all the old Hoppe's got used up long ago, so can't do a comparison. I've used it all my life, and my Dad used it and liked it. I can say that the new stuff works for most of my gun cleaning chores....and the smell is classic!

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    May 2016
    Hudson Valley NY
    I don't know I have almost a gallon of the old stuff. Every time I see an old one sitting around in someones basement I ask about it and usually get to take it home. I don't shoot often so it's a lifetime supply for me.

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    Boolit Master Bazoo's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    Cecilia, Kentucky
    I've used a few older glass bottles of hoppes that was bought at yardsales and the like. I don't know that it's any different but I think it gets stronger with age. I have an older bottle right now in an unused kit from the 80s. I opened the bottle and it is indeed stronger than new. The smell is stronger and it is darker and somewhat thicker.

    Personally I like it not just for traditional reasons but because it works well and is easy to clean up. It is mild by my standards compared to the cleaners of today.

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    Boolit Master

    georgerkahn's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    South of the (Canada) border
    Getting old has a few disadvantages -- 'specially the memory banks . However, for a FACT I can and will tell you the OLD Hoppe's #9 has a few ingredients which were removed as they were "nasty." I was in my favourite gun shop, maybe 1971?, and the proprietor was selling fairly large bottles of it -- he claimed it to be the last of the "original" formula, with "good stuff" taken out due to government restrictions..
    Frankly, I have no idea what was in it, and bion I used some cleaning a .357 revolver day before yesterday -- and can attest to it still being good.
    Again, I have no recollection as to what chemicals/ingredients were removed. Anybody's guess, as back then one could by D.D.T., carbon tet, and a huge handful of other chemicals/products over the counter...
    Perhaps if you did an Internet search, surely someone might recall what was taken out -- but again, the "new" Hoppes, from what I understand, is different.
    I wish I could provide more.

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    Apr 2013
    SW Louisiana
    From 2009 MSDS Hoppe's #9 solvent. I don't have any reference to Hoppe's in 1968 HM properties ref material.

    Kerosene 008008-20-6 232-366-4 Xn; 6515 - 402
    Ethyl Alcohol 000064-17-5 200-578-6 F; 1115 - 403
    Oleic Acid 000112-80-1 204-007-1 ——4
    Amyl Acetate 000628-63-7 211-047-3 10-655 - 105
    Ammonium Hydroxide 001336-21-6 215-647-6 N, C; 34-501 -
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    May 2007
    Just outside Gun Barrel City, Texas
    If anything was taken out, it was probably MEK, some sort of phosphate, or Carbon Tetracloride.

    Other than that, they may have changed the concentrations of their old school ingrediants.

    I buy it by the quart. It does a good job for me, and I like the smell.
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    Boolit Master Reverend Al's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    Victoria, B.C., Canada
    The old version contained nitrobenzene which our Canadian government won't allow into the country anymore, so I know that the "new" Hoppes coming into Canada no longer contains it. All of the shooters up here that I know will just about kill to get some of the "old" stuff in preference to the "new" stuff. When I find it I add it to the pint bottle I have, mix it well, and I refill my small "range bottle" of Hoppes from the pint bottle. So far I have enough "enhanced" Hoppes to keep me going for a while yet ...
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    Boolit Grand Master

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    Apr 2008
    Nitrobenzene was removed in the late 80's. If I remember correctly that was 1989. The current stuff is Nitro solvent without the nitro (nitrobenzene). After I ran out of the nitrobenzene version I tried one bottle of the nitroless version. It did not work nearly as well so I moved on. Can't address any of their current products since I have not used them.
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    Boolit Buddy
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    May 2012
    South Texas
    The new stuff doesn't smell the same! I have both but I use the older stuff more cause I love the smell!

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    Boolit Master starnbar's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    central florida
    The benzene was removed per EPA regs due to being classified as a carcinogen for what its worth

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    Apr 2010
    SE, KS
    Gotta die from something, right. I am 74 and LOVE the smell of old #9.

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    Boolit Master
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    May 2015
    Wichita, KS
    I still have a couple bottles of the old Hoppes but I don't use it. I keep it out of nostalgia since ive had it so long. On the contrary, I can't stand the smell of it. I did mind it till one day decades ago as a kiddo. I was cleaning a rifle at my desk in my bedroom and I knocked a bottle over carelessly onto the carpet. My bedroom stank of Hoppes for a good couple of months despite my efforts to rid the offending smell. I can't stand the stuff now.

    I primarily use good ole Ed's Red now which I love the smell of! That is my primary, universal gun cleaner and it works great! Ill sometimes use some Bore Tech Eliminator for bore cleaning. It works awesome for copper fouling without resorting to Sweets 7.62 or some other harsh chemical. I do like the original recipe Breakfree CLP before it was acquired Safariland. Ill use that on my carry guns since it leaves some lubrication after wiping down so it doesn't bleed lube when carrying.

    BTW, this fillable aerosol sprayer from Hazet is awesome for Ed's Red! Really well made, quality German piece of kit! I got mine from German Amazon, might shop around now.

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