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Thread: pistol case trimmer

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    pistol case trimmer

    I have been loading more pistol cases as of late and trimming is getting to be a chore. I have tried lee stuff it works ok at best and time consuming. A non powered trimmer is ok but it take a time and gets old quick. I have been trying to find a power trimmer for pistol brass and seems there is not a lot of choices. I looked at the Giraud power trimmer and it expensive and oddly enough I did not see a cartridge size for the 45 colt. Lyman power case trimmer looks ok as does the RCBS Trim Pro-2 Power Case Trimmer. The rcbs looks like it would be easiest. Any that I am missing or thoughts thanks

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    I have been a long-time user and endorser of the L E Wilson case trimmers. They come "manual", and -- like you -- I found that becomes most tiresome, quite quickly! Hence, I picked up a Milwaukee power screwdriver, and use this to turn cutter. Some pistol brass is kind of a nuisance, as Wilson case holders for some require using a "wedge", which -- albeit it only adds a few seconds to the operation -- indeed, slows it down. Re the .45 Colt, however, a regular case holder works just dandidly.
    I have RCBS, Lyman, and Redding case trimmers, all of which have been retired in favour of the Wilson. The Wilson is not (imho) inexpensive -- BUT -- the repeatable accuracy it affords -- to me -- justifies the purchase price. I've pasted pictures of my Wilson gear; and, a Milwaukee driver like I use. I have seen ad's for "World Quickest..", "World's Best.." -- but have been so happy with the Wilson, I have not explored them.Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's a solution,,, Don't trim Pistol brass unless it is "Grossly Over Length." .45 LC should never need to be trimmed more than once in its life if at all. I have .44 Magnum cases that have been loaded literally dozens of times and never trimed even once.

    Lee makes a little attachment that goes in a drill motor and spins the case that works really well for trimming brass. They also have a wooden ball that fits on the trimming cutter so you can hold onto it easier.

    I have a complete machine shop and have had every trimmer known to man. I used the Lee tools to trim 9x19 to 9x18 and did 500 of them in about 4 hours and this was the fastest and easiest method I could come up with. I tried lots of stuff including lathes and mills, nothing was as fast or easy.

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    I don't trim pistol brass.
    I figure if its stretched out enough to need trimming, its about at the end of its lifespan anyway.

    I don't shoot big revolver cals., so a taper crimp has always been fine to work well and compensate for case length differences.

    for rifle cases, I have a Hornaday hand crank trimmer.
    I take the hand crank off, and put a drill on the little stub
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    I use a Lee zip wind up pulling the lawn mower cord. You can trim a bunch fairly fast. I mounted mine on a short 1 x 4 that I can securely attach to my bench then remove easily so it is never in my way. I had a Lyman, with the Lyman you have to precisely set it, but you can also vary the trim length. I gave that to my son. I have an old Wilson, my first trimmer, with a couple collets boxed up somewhere. I like the Lee. Shoot revolvers.

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    I'm another that does not trim pistol brass. But I would look at the Lee case gauge type trimmer.

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    I trim my .44 mag cases. I think it gives a more uniform overall crimp. I shoot the majority of my .44 in a rifle. Some that I just trimmed had been loaded about 4 times. Not a big problem for me since I have a RCBS power trim. Very easy once you set it up. It actually goes pretty fast to do a couple hundred. I then deburr and chamfer with the small Lyman hand crank unit about 50 at a time. I want the most accurate crimp I can get out of this rifle due to the fact I use it to hunt. My cases I use in this rifle stretch a bit more also because they arent mild loads. They aren max either. But my observation is they stretch. When reloading for my revolver I wasn't that concerned. But if you want the most consistent crimp the brass should be the same length.
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    I got the Lee zip trim chuck and chucked it into a drill motor, and, like Randy, trimmed a bunch of 9x19 to 9x18. Works well, have to lube the chuck once in a while.
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    The lee tool is useful and can be ran fairly quickly. I mount the cutter in a drill press or lathe and leave it run. the case holder is in a handle or the tailstock of the lathe. This way Im not waiting for the machine to stop spinning to change the case. A small electric motor with a 1/2" drill chuck mounted would work also. I would like to see lee reduce the cutters shaft to 1/4" diameter. While not easily adjustable the cutter studs pin can be shortened to reduce case length. Or a shim washer under it to leave longer

    Most of the lathe type tools have shafts available for mounting a drill motor to. Some times the handle screw can be removed and a set screw and jam nut used to drive with a drill motor. I find the drill motor to be a little awkward.

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    i picked up a forster trimmer off ebay pretty cheap and then the 4 5/8" base .452 pilot and drill adaptor less than $80 total to trim my 45colt brass to a consistant length, then the trimmer gathers dust untill i find new to me brass.

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    I trim pistol brass for a consistent crimp. The RCBS trim pro (electric) is the best to me for powered case trimmers. It doesn't register off the case shoulder so you get a more consistent OAL after trimming.

    I trim 90% of my pistol brass. Its a one time proposition and gives me consistent crimp across the calibers I own.

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    Learning how to sharpen the lee cutter really helped. I have 2 and they both got very dull after trimming around 500 cases. They would trim other diameters but would eventually get dull there too. Someone posted a how to sharpen post on here then it disappeared. Thank you whoever you are.

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    I don't trim pistol brass either,, .38 spl , .357mag or .44mag
    I do keep the brand of brass together and I do keep the same lots of reloaded brass together as that seems to help eliminate wide variations in crimping.
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    I have always used the Lee case trimmer for my bottle neck rifle brass. I chuck the lock stud in a small cordless drill and it goes real fast, a spin or two in the drill and they're done. I trimmed my straight wall pistol brass once when I was beginning. I haven't trimmed it since and it poses no problems.

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    tied it once didnt like it .use lee trimmer in a drill for my rifle brass.

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