At our match this past Sunday, once the mud had dried up we had our monthly match and I thought I would try my new pistol at the small medallion target with some home made linen patches which turned out to be only .006 thick. They were nearly as bad as the store bought .005 pre made patches although these were cut with a straight razor after pushing the ball in just past the muzzle. Luckily I did not slice a finger off as that straight razor is SHARP. First two shots went way too high and after dropping point of aim down a foot or so I got shots on paper but all were outside the last scoring ring! Later this week I play to try the .010 pre made patches as that thickness works well and should keep the balls from "shot gunning". Here's a couple of pictures to prove it really works. In one where I am loading the stock shape proves very handy and the other is just before pully the set trigger. Notice the very small distance between the hammer and the 209 adapter at full cock.Click image for larger version. 

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