Well I gave Carolyn a break cooking yesterday.

The night before I doctored up a brisket slab scoring some shallow cross cuts on the slab and put a good layer of St. Michel Honey Dijon sauce & marinade with some garlic powder and a good layer of brown sugar and my favorite steak rub, covered it with butcher paper and let it settle in in the fridge over might.
At 0600 HRS the Master build smoker was preheated and in went the Brisket. Added some Pecan wood, didn't have hickory I like to use.
I left it in for 7 hrs at 225 degrees and pulled it out at 160 degrees wrapped it with foil and poured a can of beer in and closed the bundle and back in the smoker for another two hrs and put it in a cooler wrapped with a towel for another hour.
Perfection !! man was it good.
I really like the tip better than the slab but this time the slab was just as tender and moist as the tip is.
I think the Beer helped getting it there. Also I used the electric Master Build instead of the Webber. It holds the temp better than watching the Webber and adding coal.


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