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The general consensus when I researched things was the tip of the probe should be about 1/2" from both the side and the bottom of the pot so my holder accomplishes that. In fact with later experiments using 2 TC's in the pot at different depths I found the lead temperature consistent between the 2 TC's. I think the important part is to have that tip of the TC in the melt. I don't care how hot the pot is, just the lead itself. Even adding metal to the mix they rapidly became the same. Another thing of course is the TC reacts to changing temperature much faster than a dial thermometer. Some other soul on the web said lead rapidly conducts heat. I leave my TC's in all the time even though they're removeable and don't find them much of a nuisance even when fluxing.
Thanks mike , I can swing the probe in an arc from the mount on the all thread and a adjust to any depth with the clamp , it does not seem to be in the way to much when fluxing or adding lead but I have not done a long cast session so I may find it's a problem.