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Thread: AR loading on Turret

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    Cool AR loading on Turret

    Hello gents. Wondering if any of you are reloading .223 on a RCBS or any turret press. And if so are you trimming and throating cases or just cleaning and loading. Not necessarily for CB but for any projectiles. FMJ etc. Also if you are how is accuracy. I’m just tryin to load for ringing steel. 50 to 75 yards tops. Got a fav recipe? Thanks in advance. Asking for a friend. lol

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    I have loaded a couple of thousand rounds using 55 gr Hornady bulk fmj with 25 gr H335 in a Lee Classic Cast turret press. Just clean and load. Have to remove primer crimps occasionally but otherwise nothing special.
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    The short answer to your question is yes I reload on a Turret press, including 223/556. I use a Lyman universal trimmer to trim my brass. I don’t know what you mean by cleaning on a press, I tumble my brass. As for accuracy, I am certainly no MOA shooter any more, but at the distance your talking about sub 1”. Now just out of curiosity Why would you think you couldn’t load 223 on a Turret press. Or that the type of press you used would affect your accuracy at the distance your taking about.
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    I have done .223 on a Lee Pro-1000, it worked but the cases seemed to want to fall over as they came out of the tube.(from the weight of the cases above) Even using a tall 'pusher block' I solved that by making a taller block with epoxy, other than that and small bullet and fat finger no problems.
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    I load 223 on a 550 Dillon after I size and deprime lubed cases on a single stage RCBS press with SB dies. I clean in a vibrator with corn cob, trim and chamfer the case. I don't like to just run them in the Dillon as they're greasy and the case mouth is seldon square. My handload 223 are sweet shooters grouping under moa when I have a scope mounted. I load 55 grain Hornady SP with cannelure and 25 grain of 335H...

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    I load 223s on a Dillon 550 as well Hornady 55 with CFE 223 1-1/4 groups are normal at a 100 yards .
    The brass is resized trimmed and tumbled before loading most of the time .

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    I load a lot of M193 equivalent 5.56 NATO on a Dillon 550B. Once fired military cases are sizes with a standard 223 Rem RCBS X-die (most often is a single stage press), the primer pocket swaged (Dillon primer pocket swage) and the case mouth chamfered (both only needing done once).I clean the cases in a vibrating case cleaner (just can't bring myself to use that other word.....). The cases are spray lubed with Dillon case lube or my own (12-1 alcohol - lanolin). I then do a visual inspection of the case for defects and the inside for debris prior to putting into position #1 on the 550B. The FL die I use in Station #1 is standard .223 RCBS X-Die. With such, when properly adjusted, trimming is not necessary. The cases are primed at Station #1 most often with Winchester SR primers.

    Station #2 charges the case with powder which is most often 26.5 gr H335 when 55 gr FMJ are loaded.

    Station #3 seated the bullet to the canalure, Die is a RCBS 223 Rem seater.

    Station #4 crimps the case mouth into the canalure. Die is a Lee 223 Rem FCD.

    Cases are vibrated in sawdust for 20 minutes to remove the case lube then tumbled in a large bath towel to remove any sawdust dust.
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    Dillon 550. Cases sized on Bonanza CO-AX press then trimmed if needed, Dillon Primer Pocket Swage,wet tumbled with S/Steel shot for one hour. Allowed to dry for 24 hours.
    25 grains of BL(c)2 under 55 grain FMJ and LEE Factory Crimp die. Primers are CCI .
    Load shoots very well out to 500 meters and has won many matches. I mainly use this load in my 1:12 twist rifles/carbines but have found it will shoot OK in the 1:7 and 1:9 twist barreled AR's.
    Very good brass life as it is not a max load.

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    I load 6.5 Grendel on a Lee turret. Works just fine. I tumbly clean. I only trim the ones that dont pass my gauge. I set calipers to the max length and trim the ones that dont pass through the fingers. Works great and ammo is accurate.

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    Like Larry Gibson, the once fired military is done in a single stage with a 10 to one alcohol - lanolin lube. I trim with a WFT (worlds finest trimmer) chucked in a mini lathe. The primer pockets are swaged and a RCBS chamfer/deburing tool also chucked in the mini lathe is used to clean up the case mouth.. I also use the deburing end on the primer pocket to taper it so that the primers go into the pockets better. There are people that do the entire removal of the crimp with this tool. The brass is then cleaned in a ultrasonic cleaner and tumbled in ground walnut shells with nu-finish wax.
    I then hand prime the brass and load it on the Lee cast classic turret.
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    Another 550 dillion loader here.

    Nprmally process on a single stage. Deprime, swage, and everything else on the blue press.

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    Another 550b loader here. Shoot mostly range pickups in my short range ar (under 100).
    1. Tumble dirty range pick up in walnut medial outside (gets out the mud, rocks, spiders, etc.)
    2. Dillon spray lube in a gallon bag half full of brass, shake well.
    3. Size/deprime on single stage rcbs.
    4. SS pin tumble w/lemishine.
    5. Bake @200 in convection oven for 20min, let cool.
    6. Load as normal on 550b (working through a bunch of 2230c data powder, with pulled bulk 55fmj)
    7. Turn money into noise.
    8. Wash rinse repeat.

    I rarely trim or chamfer blasting ammo (under 100y). I just don't find it to be worth the time.

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    Beware of powders that can bridge in your press’s measure.

    I tried a run of 223 on my LNL Progressive with some old stock RL 11 and it was bridging so I am switching to Bal C 2 (spherical powder) to eliminate the problem.

    As far as case prep I say each to their own.

    Personally I do not have an X die so all my brass gets trimmed to a set length. I am a firm believer in chambering case mouths. I also inside flashole debur all my metallics. All of them.

    Primer crimps are dealt with upfront as well.

    I cut my primer pockets to reduce or eliminate fighting high primers pretty much across the board.

    It is a lot of work up front but it lasts the life of the casing with the exception of some retiming later on and a rechampher.

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    I deprime on a single stage and then clean the brass in a case tumbler. Once clean I will the. Size on the single stage. From there it goes to trimming with a Wilson case trimmer. Once all that is done it goes on the Dillon RL 550B.

    1st station is a Lyman M-Die which gives me .003 case neck tension and lightly flares the case mouth. 2nd station is powder, 3rd station is seat, and 4th station is a Lee Collet Crimp. This Meath is gives me quality ammunition with uniform crimp. Shoots very well from bolt guns and is easily within the standard accuracy window of a bottom tier M4.

    Using this same process, but sorting the bullets by base to ogive, weight, etc produces ammunition that can be used for precision matches.

    I hope that helps.

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    At the risk of sounding like a broken record I too load 223 on a progressize.

    I used to load them on an RCBS turret but I sold that press. I now have a Dillon 450 dedicated to 223.

    I do mine a little differently. After each range session I clean my brass then size and deprime. I trim on a Frankford Arsenal machine. Very cool. Then I hand prime the cases and store them in a ziploc bag.

    This yields about 100 cases at a time. When I have 1000 cases prepped and primed I get them out and run them through my 450.

    For general range rounds that my grandkids love to shoot I load a Hornady 55 gr flat based soft point over 25 gr of W748.

    I do load small lots of 223 on a single stage for my Savage M12. I used fire formed brass and neck size only.

    Best of luck,

    Steve in N CA

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    For cases I've prepped once I just clean and load and it works just fine . Closer to factory pressure type loads that need trimming get done before hand . Works real well for chasing cans or varmints .

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    heck I need two LNL progressives with case feeders. First one set up to size deprime and the Dillon trimmer is on it. Then they get tumbled and go on my other one and get charged bullet seated and a slight crimp. I can do 06s 7mags ect on a single stage or turent but if I had to do handgun or ar stuff on a single stage or even a turrent id be selling guns. I still shake my head thinking back to my first AR. All I had was a rock chucker. Id take a lee hand press to work (I was a lineman) and lunch time or breaks id size brass or prime it with a lee primer. Other then for bolt guns the slowest I want to go these days is my 550. To me that's slowing down and smelling the roses.
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