Mihec 358-180 Larsen PB/ GC 180 gr .358 or 360
I bought this solid mold for my Henry single in 357 Max
Today I finally got around to running my loads over my chrono. Using CCI srp and 25.5 grains of Accurate 1680, loaded long in my Bellm chamber, they were running 1925 fps- 10' from the muzzle. They are cast from a 15.5 bhn air cooled alloy, gas checked, and are accurate. I may back off a bit and see if they might get more accurate? I also shot some NOE 35-230 grain, plan to go up there, see if I can get to 1750 or 1800 fps with Accurate 1680?
My session was cut short today, I have other loads to test, both cast and j-words.