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Thread: Recipe for Bore Butter

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    Recipe for Bore Butter

    Does anyone have an equivalent recipe for making Bore Butter

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    I'm interested in this too.
    I HATE auto-correct

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    Don't know about "bore butter" specifically, but old school BP lube recipes which have been used for years are:

    50-50 mix by melted liquid volume of beeswax and unsalted, filtered lard, aka Goya manteca (aka Confederate Army Lube).

    50-50 mix by melted liquid volume of beeswax and either olive or canola oil (Italian Army Lube).

    For cartridge use were a firmer lube is needed, than for muzzleloaders or cap & ball revolvers use 3:1 of beeswax and oil.

    If you don't have beeswax, substitute a 50-50 mix of anhydrous lanolin and Gulf canning wax for the beeswax in either above recipe. Some various recipes substitute RCBS case lube and/or Vaseline for the anhydrous lanolin (Darr Lube).
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    Many years ago (during Goex's 80 Anniversary ) I was their photographer and "model" I was going to sell the owners ( the Faringer's) my recipe! Due to the fact that the one ingredient needed ( mutton tallow) had to be imported from Australia because of the quantity they needed!
    the deal fell through because of the cost. I called it BaBeBaa
    by weight : 40% Bees wax, 60 % pure "Mutton" tallow and a touch of Pure Bayberry essence!
    No substitutes! I still use it in all my black powder guns
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    I'm trying this variation....1lb of bees wax...1lb of manteca lard....6 tbs of goose grease..2 tbs of vaselene...lets see how it sets to see if I need to add something to loosen or harden it..I'll let you all know...then I'll test it out...I'm gonna call it "Slippery Nipple"

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    I like the slippery nipple better than Goosengreasedehog!

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    When I first started shooting muzzleloader (in the early 1990s), I used TC Bore butter. I was told it was something like this:
    ≈70% Crisco,
    ≈20% Olive oil,
    the remainder is Bees Wax

    I was apparently ill informed back then, below is a response to me last year, and I was surprised to say the least, but I surely don't doubt it. Anyway, there is lots of good info in that thread and is worth a read-through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcticap View Post
    Bore Butter is basically mineral oil mixed with micronized paraffin waxes.
    The scent of wintergreen is then added to it along with yellow dye.
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    I just read the thread that JonB was talking about, it mentioned bear fat obtained from a taxidermist. I'll bet that would work too, hopefully this fall I'll be able to try that.

    I know bear grease is great for waterproofing boots. But beware. If you're ever going to go out hunting on horseback, I'd lay off the bear fat.
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    Or maybe the horse was smart and we were the stupid ones.

    Back to where we belong, I use bore butter and would also like to know what's in it and how to mix my own.

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    Chapstick from old posts of long ago when it became a wonder lube do a search on line about it.

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    What's a bayberry?

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    The gun knows what it likes ....................

    ............I can tell ya that lube will sure make a difference, and I was an early admirer of Bore Butter. A friend and I used to like to spend a leisurely day at the range, and we were both admirers of MLing military arms. From years back I had an old Zuave (didn't everyone? ) It wasn't the most accurate thing, but you could easily hit a man sized target at 100 yards without effort. With it's horrid sights the groups weren't real tidy. But on the other hand if it was anything it WASN'T particular about much of anything. Lube, slug design, powder brand, cap, lube etc and etc.

    Then, some years later I got a Parker Hale P58 Naval Pattern 2 band Enfield. Compared to that ole Zuave, THIS thing was particular about everything! My freinds' rifle he was shooting at the time was a replica 1855 Springfield, and it was a delightful rifle. I wish I could remember who had made it? In any event, when I first got that P-H, I tried treating it like that old Zouave, and THAT was NOT going to work, A-TALL

    1858 Naval Pattern 2 band Enfield @ 50 yards-benched. Challanger Minie' bullets. Charge 70.0grs Swiss 2F

    It didn't take long to realize that straight Crisco simply wasn't going to work. You could only get off about 8 shots before you had to clean the barrel.

    These 2 five shot groups were done at 50 yards using the modified Lyman 575611 @ 624 grains. Please forgive the Pyrodex try . I was GIVEN a pound of the stuff. Check out the charge weight and velocity differences!

    In any event, it didn't take me long to become a true believer in Bore Butter. My only complaint is that in So. Cal Summers it can get just mite 'Thin'.

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    Well darn. Was hoping to hear what "bore butter" actually had in it. I've heard praises and curses but never used it. Is there a colloidal component to it?

    My formula is LOOB (lanolin - olive oil - bees wax).

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