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Thread: The Bible.... Myth, Real, or Both?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1hole View Post
    Deputy, if I may ....

    Don't know how long you've followed Tim's posts but he is quite odd for someone professing to be a Christian.

    To honestly (I think) paraphrase Tim (for brevity), at various times he has told us:

    * Says God is not all knowing, not all powerful and lives in a constant struggle with Satan

    * Says man is in control of human history, not God

    * Faith in Jesus as savior is NOT the only way to Tim's version of heaven

    * His heaven is a reward for being good; thus, he believes those of other "beliefs" (i.e. , cults and "good" atheists) will go to heaven if they do enough nice things on earth

    * Tim says the Bible is only partially correct and God agrees with him when He is confused

    * Says he "knows" all this because God has (directly?) told him so

    In spite of all that, Tim hasn't specifically said but suggests he's Christian. He asks a lot of "Bible" questions worded to extract specific (and erroneous) answers but, troll like, he rarely answers his own leading questions. So, we are left to ask, is Tim honest with all the outrageously wrong things he has posted? Or, is he a secret Jehovah Witness? Or is he just another pot-stirring web troll? Who knows?!

    Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!
    How could you imagine I am a Christian. While I respect Jesus as a great teacher and martyr I do not believe he is God and our Lord and Savior. I have said that may times in many posts.

    I am not a Jehovah Witness and I do not belong to any Chruch and I do not follow any religion. I think no more than 8 of the ten commandments are correct. I believe that there is but one God, the creator of the heavens including the Earth. Philosophically I am probably closest to Theists. I am not a Deist because I will not rule out God acting in the present. Being a Theist really only means I believe in God.

    Words are weapons sharper than knives - INXS

    The pen is mightier than the sword - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

    The tongue is mightier than the blade - Euripides

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtknowles View Post
    How could you imagine I am a Christian. While I respect Jesus as a great teacher and martyr I do not believe he is God and our Lord and Savior. I have said that may times in many posts.
    Seems I owe a couple of apologies.

    First, sorry that I offended you in my thought you might be some sort of Christian. But, I haven't read many of your posts and, since you have made several references to scripture, I felt you might, at some level, consider yourself a Christian and gave you the benefit of any doubt; that was obviously a mistake. I was wrong and accept your correction, I apologise and withdraw the suggestion.

    Several of your stated beliefs are straight out of J.W. pamphlets. I also apologise to them for thinking you might be one.

    ... I think no more than 8 of the ten commandments are correct.
    What? ! YOU THINK "no more than 8 of the Ten Commandments are correct"? Goodness, what a THINKer! I won't ask which you THINK may be right or why/how you came to your strange conclusions.

    I will close by saying your half-good perception of Jesus is not unique but the only way you could possibly be right is either he was a highly skilled mad-man or the world's most successful liar; neither is good. Maybe you should do a bit more thinking?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ickisrulz View Post
    I have read your posts. The ideas within them are those of secular Bible scholars (i.e., unbelievers) and are so at odds with any Christian or Jewish theology they don't warrant a dialog on this forum; by me anyway.

    And yes, there are counterpoints and answers to each issue you posted above. I am sure you know that and what they are. But I doubt that matters to you. Are you here to entertain yourself and undermine the faith of others'?

    This section of the forum is supposed to be an extension of the Chapel but has been almost taken over in the last few months by scoffers with axes to grind.
    I have no axe, no grinder, and speak in low and soft tones.

    I believe that if one puts everything in the hands of "Faith", he/she is the prime target of television/circus preachers.

    Knowing the facts, remembering what was on page 17 when you are at page 43 means you cannot be taken by the hand and walked around like a toddler - quite the contrary.

    How many times did the Pharisees try to put Jesus and the Apostles in difficulty with awkward questions? How was the answer? It was Always a learned answer, never a "have faith".

    Off the cuff, how many animals did Noah lead into the Ark, without having to look it up?

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