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In post #13 I stated I use 22gr of IMR4895...
That is incorrect, it should read 22gr of IMR4198.
I also use a 1-2 grain tuft of Dacron to keep powder against primer and have enlarged the flash hole slightly to get complete ignition. Rarely do I see unburned granules of powder shooting these loads in my carbine.

I thought something didn't sound right there since even 40 grs of H4895 (I realize you are talking about IMR powder) is still a light load (14,900 CUP according to Hodgdon) for a 405 gr 45/70. I shoot a lot of 4895 in both the 70 and 90 versions of that big ol case and 22 grs just sounded way too light.

I see you mention IMR4895 and I use H4895, there are some differences and the question comes up occasionally about the difference. I am aware of a couple of things that are supposed to be different between these two powders and was wondering about others' thoughts on it????