Jedman, Never submitted the insurance claim on the first two blanks, so I've got three more to turn into something. The barrel as in post #18 was just over 22" if measured with a cleaning rod. Made the sizer die from the last few inches of the muzzle, and cut the rest off to leave a 16.5" barrel. Likely make a taper crimp die from the other piece of barrel. The cartridge is the 6.8SPC case necked up to take a .375" bullet. Used one of the expander stems for 357AR to expand the necks up to .357" then made another expander to bring them up to over .375" and then sized back down to have good neck tension on a bullet. Case length usually comes out around 1.645" so the Go gauge for this one is 1.650" and is set snug to it. Water capacity came in at 39.2gr so for load data I've been using QuickLoad, selecting 375 super and changing the name, case length, max PSI and water capacity and then saving it as a new file. Do the same thing for other wildcats and it has worked out well for me. Their is a brief thread on it in the case forming section. Just a post hunting season project that would result in a legal to use in my DNR zone rifle. Most of the deer we get are taken at less than 100yds but even though it's not a barn burner it should work fine out to at least 200yds.