Cast Boolit Member Special...

I have three new sets (3) 44PB cal (plain base) Checkmakerô Gas Check Forming Die Sets in stock

Plain Base dies use thin metals and perform like gangbusters with beverage cans. Leading is eliminated. Accuracy is incredible. Push plain base boolits to a whole new level. See my page "The Learning Pages" for range reports.

$86 each.

Including ram ejector arm (if needed) shipping next day w/PayPal (plus 3%) Payment.

PM I'll take it.

International Shipping $23.00
Canadian Shipping $16.00

Please do not send payment. I will send PM request for information.

Why invest in Checkmakerô Dies..?

Checkmakerô Gas Check Forming Dies have been time tested and proven now for 10 years.
Produce your own Accurate Shooting Gas Checks that fit and stay on down range guaranteed!

Meet or exceed accuracy shooting results of factory gas checks.

Very user friendly - fast and easy to use, and to set up.

Produce concentric gas checks that fit and STAY on, using the accuracy of your reloading press.

+/- .0005" Precision Heavy Duty machined quality with no moving parts to break or gum up.

Lifetime purchase and user resharpen able

Over 66 Calibers currently in Production and MORE to come...

I'm blessed with a dedicated shop to manufacture my Checkmakerô Dies and have always guaranteed them to work flawlessly and I stand 100% behind my product.... I will repair or replace any dies to be found defective and not performing... -Pat

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