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Thread: Well... looks like I'm out of reloading...

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    Boolit Master
    GoodOlBoy's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Deep East Texas

    Unhappy Well... looks like I'm out of reloading...

    Yet another Dr has given me the long face and verified that I can't handle lead anymore due to the increased risks of the cancer returning. Even asking about handling j-words for reloading gets me "the look". So, between all of that. My hands being shaky, and my eyes goin' from bad to worse.... Yeah, I'm pretty well out of reloading. I can still hunt, long as I minimize lead exposure. Mostly looks like it's me back to the old single shot 20 gauge from now on. I started with the old 20, guess it's fittin' that the rest of my time is mostly with her. Guess I'll have to start sortin' and sellin' most of it. I looked in the reloading room and shook my head. Just too overwhelming to start on right now. Got three five gallon buckets of lead on my front porch that I can't lift for the hernias, and can't dig through for the lead. Dunno what I'm going to do there.... Some of it I can't bear to let go, I'll just pack that stuff away in the hopes that someday I'll be able to mess with it again. But the rest. Yeah I think we'll convert the reloading room back to a guest room and office. Heck I think I've still got two unopened jugs of Lars lube in there too.... plus powder.... primers, and I dunno what all...

    A little advice for those just starting out reloading. When folks tell you it all starts to breed, and stuff just crawls in through the ducts and you dunno where it will have all come from.... We ain't kiddin'... And it is worth it. Good Lord help you if George starts droppin' stuff in the piles too! Safe reloading is one of the best times I've had in my life this side of a fishin' pole, or bowlin' alley.

    So, hopefully before the end of the month I'll try to start posting bits here and there for sale in S&S. Heck if I can get enough out of it maybe I'll be able to buy me a case of them fancy RST paper shotgun shells for spring squirrel season in May. Such a pile to go through...

    You know I knew this was comin'... I wanted to fight it... but if it's down to a choice between livin' or dyin' from something I can help prevent... Yeah I'll take the livin'...

    Anyway just thought I would share.

    God Bless.

    Yes I can be long winded. Yes I follow rabbit trails. Yes I admit when I am wrong. Your mileage may vary.

    Keep your powder dry. Watch yer Top knot.

    "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!"

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    AKA: GRMPS Conditor22's Avatar
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    Dec 2018
    Sorry to hear about your health.

    There are a lot of CB members in Texas, maybe some of them would help you.

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    Boolit Master

    nagantguy's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    So upright and taking nourishment and pondering hunting with a single
    20 till the last day; a 20 of found memory. Not being cold or rude but I’ve heard worse news.
    It stinks ; and it hurts I’m sure, if I was closer I’d help ya sort your stuff.
    Wish the best to you and yours, and you weren’t kidding the stuff multiplies and shows up on it’s own; just went through a 30’cal ammo can full of primed match lake
    City 06 brass. No idea how or where it came from.

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    Boolit Master
    JBinMN's Avatar
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    Feb 2017
    Goodhue County, SE Minnesota
    Quote Originally Posted by Conditor22 View Post
    Sorry to hear about your health.

    There are a lot of CB members in Texas, maybe some of them would help you.
    Yes, I agree!

    Sad to hear of your decision, but in the end, I reckon you will be alright once ya figure out just what it is ya want to do. I hope you find that you still get the enjoyment out of doing what ya "can" do.

    M.D.s are sometimes "wrong", ya know.

    You are gonna be the one making the final decision(s)... I hope you keep on keepin' on & can still do what YOU like to do, until you absolutely can't anymore...

    Best wishes! Regardless of what ya decide to do.
    2nd Amend./U.S. Const. - "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    ~~ WWG1WGA ~~

    Restore the Republic!!!

    For the Fudds > "Those who appease a tiger, do so in the hope that the tiger will eat them last." -Winston Churchill.

    President Reagan tells it like it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6MwPgPK7WQ

    Phil Robertson explains the Wall: https://youtu.be/f9d1Wof7S4o

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    Boolit Master

    nicholst55's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Daegu, Korea
    My condolences, but the one thing that's certain in this life is that we'll never get out of it alive. Since you can't use your reloading gear any longer, do yourself and your family a favor, and send it down the road. That's my advice, anyway. When we moved my stuff from Maryland to Arizona, I realized how much **** I have accumulated over the years - mostly since I retired from active duty around 20 years earlier. I gave away a lot of stuff. I threw away a lot of stuff. Then we loaded it up and took it to Arizona. A few years later when we left Arizona to return to Korea, I sorted through it all again. I realized that my wife and kids will have to sort this lot out when I'm dead, so I resolved to decrease their workload significantly. I sold a good bit of stuff. I gave away a lot of stuff. I threw away a lot of stuff. Then I loaded the remainder into a U-Haul and drug it to Houston and left it in a friend's garage. That was before Hurricane Harvey. A gentleman on this forum volunteered to clean up my reloading gear after Harvey, so hopefully he was able to salvage some of it. I still haven't seen it, so I don't know. It was underwater for an unknown period of time, so I expect that much of it is a loss.
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    If you or someone you know might be at risk of suicide, there is help. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, text a crisis counselor at 741741 or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

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    Boolit Master

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    Aug 2009
    southern MO
    GoodOlBoy I am so sorry to hear the fact that you need to stop doing something you love to do because of health reasons. I do understand that you have made a hard decision based on the educated advice from your doctor. I'll still pray that the Great Physician will intercede for you and give you your good health back. I would think that perhaps some of the solid copper bullets in a small caliber might just allow you some occasional target work. Punching paper is not all bad.
    Mark 5:34 And He said to her (Jesus speaking), "Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your affliction."

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    Boolit Master

    BrassMagnet's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    Dead Doctors Don't Lie!
    That used to be the title of a paid radio advertising show, but it was true.
    Additionally, Live Doctors fear malpractice lawsuits. Liberals decide what is normal and many fear they will be ruined if they don't toe the party line.

    Do what you want to do. Enjoy life.

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    Vendor Sponsor

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    Oct 2014
    Northeast US
    Could you just wear nitrile gloves during all stages of reloading and wipe off the loaded cases when you're done? That would certainly cut the lead issue 100% out of the equation, especially if using jacketed bullets. I do this out of convenience if I'm watching the baby and have to be able to stop and pick him up without wanting to get lead etc on him I can just take off the gloves quick instead of having to wash up.

    Or perhaps the other issues you mentioned make it a done deal beyond the lead concern on it's own. Either way I wish you the best and hope you can retain as much as possible of firearms/hunting/reloading in your life.

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    Boolit Grand Master GhostHawk's Avatar
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    Mar 2014
    Fargo ND

    The one thing you can count on in life is change. It happens all along the whole route.

    Roll with it best you can.

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    Boolit Buddy
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    Jun 2018
    Central Minnesota (Brainerd Lakes area)
    Sorry to hear all that. There may be options so you can keep playing. http://www.huntingwithnonlead.org/bullet_types.html
    Take care.

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    Boolit Buddy
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    May 2016
    I'd get a second opinion on that, the effects of lead exposure are cumulative and have a long latency. Question is how much you'd really increase the amount of lead in your body compared to what you already have in there, and how much of an additional difference in relative cancer risk it would make. I'd say basically none.
    I say keep loading, all we really have in this life is the people we love and the things we enjoy doing.

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    Moderator Emeritus

    MaryB's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    SW Minnesota
    J-words should be fine. Start with new brass to eliminate led hanging in it. Unless you have had elevated lead levels I think you ran into an anti gun doc!

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    Boolit Master BigAlofPa.'s Avatar
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    Dec 2018
    Shamokin/Coal twp Pa.
    I hope things improve. My last lead check was 17 and change. I stopped snacking when loading and use exam gloves and a dust mask when working with tumbling. And added a hepa air purifier to the room.

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    Boolit Master
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    Feb 2006
    Kaneohe, HI
    Anti-gun doctor?????
    I can't see why reloading with condom bullets would be a problem.

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    Boolit Buddy WarEagleEd's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by smoked turkey View Post
    I would think that perhaps some of the solid copper bullets in a small caliber might just allow you some occasional target work. Punching paper is not all bad.
    This was my thought. Perhaps your doctor is not aware that there are bullets that contain no lead whatsoever. It's worth asking your physician about it.


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    Boolit Master RogerDat's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2013
    Michigan Lansing Area
    Bummed to hear of your health issues. One often just has to roll with what is and not worry about what isn't to be.

    Lead level of 17 isn't super high but it isn't good either. As I recall it is just short of where OSHA would require monthly blood test if the lead exposure was work related.

    Primer dust when cleaning brass is a big source of lead, a little splash of mineral spirits in the dry media run for 5 minutes before adding brass all but eliminated dust. A small piece of dryer sheet in the media can also help. Indoor ranges without adequate ventilation can expose you to a lot of intake. Nitrile gloves each and every time handling lead or brass or anything reloading related helpes. When I have on leather gloves for casting or smelting there is a pair of nitrile gloves on inside those leather gloves just in case I take the leather gloves off for a bit to pick up something. I buy the bulk boxes of the gloves at harbor freight. It worked I went down by around 5 over the year between annual physicals with these changes, still reloading. I also change clothes to some really old jeans and shirt when doing really grungy work with lead like sorting WW's I then change clothes as soon as I'm done. I'm sub 5 now and the specialist said he wasn't worried at the peak which was just over 10 as I recall, his lack of concern was based on the source was known and the level was very moderate, and going down not up as I applied changes to my routine.

    There are a lot of casters and reloaders in Texas and you may well find one or more that will volunteer to give you a hand to help keep you in ammo or take some of your supplies off your hands at fair prices.. Good hunting, good health and fair weather to you sir.
    Je suis Charlie
    Scrap.... because all the really pithy and emphatic four letter words were taken and we had to describe this way of getting casting material somehow.
    Feedback page http://castboolits.gunloads.com/show...light=RogerDat I do trade a bit from time to time.

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    Boolit Master
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    May 2013
    brass magnet said something that triggered a thought....

    there are more really old bums, wino's and the like with a bushy full head of hair then there
    are really old doctors with hair.

    think about that one!

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    Boolit Buddy
    Skunk1's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Sorry to hear about your situation. Be patient, things can change. Don’t do something out of haste that you will regret later. The buckets won’t go anywhere soon and may multiply.

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    Boolit Grand Master
    Join Date
    Nov 2012
    Central Virginia
    Sounds like an anti-gun doctor to me.

    If the doctor didn't know you reloaded or had anything to do with firearms, I wonder what the diagnoses would be?

    I've seen a lot of personal bias seep into the medical field.

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    Vendor Sponsor

    Smoke4320's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    Right here ..at least I was a minute ago
    Something is rotten in Denmark. I would hold on to all the reloading equipment and load jacketed bullets.
    Sell off the lead and be happy the rest of my days. The amount of lead you would ever be exposed to shooting jacketed bullets is negligible at best.
    Sounds like an anti gun DR.
    But that is a decision you have to make
    I carry a Nuke50 because cleaning up the mess is Silly !!


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    PULSAR night vision and thermal dealer !!!
    PM me for a good deal

    I am not crazy my mom had me tested

    Theres a fine line between genius and crazy .. I'm that line
    and depending on the day I might just step over that line !!!

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