Good Afternoon to all Cast Boolits Members:

Due to declining interest the www.coilandfoil website has shut down.
Coilandfoil will also discontinue shipments from the USA - effective 5 December 2018.

We still have a small stock of assorted sizes available, (length, width and thickness), here in the US, in both aluminum and copper. If anyone is interested in any of the remaining stock please send me a PM and I will reply with what is still available.

Thank you to all who purchased our material the past 6 years. We appreciate your orders and interest in coilandfoil and hope everyone was satisfied with the material and service we provided.
Coilandfoil will not go away, only the website and USA shipping department - any future material requests will be handled by Yonky directly from the UK.
Thank you again Sincerely - tchepone