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    1 , 2 , 3 BOOM and Boom

    Friday I took Dad out to hunt deer
    He had his knee replaced just over 2 weeks ago and can walk
    But not the 3/4 mile to the creek or the 1/2 mile to the woods

    So I rigged up a seat on a deer cart and pulled it SLOWLY behind the ATV

    We headed out right after lunch
    So we got the the "Chicken Coop" about 1 PM... a real chicken coop we took back to the creek from behind the old barn 30 or so years back
    I rebuilt it into a nice deer blind 10 or so years back ... Dry with 1 or 2 open windows on all 4 sides

    I parked next to the door , so a short easy walk for dad
    I got dad into it and was getting everything set
    When he poked me and pointed to 2 does walking right down the lane to us
    He already took a buck and I still had not shot a deer , so we were legal
    Also Dad and my brother was looking to take a few does to help control the population ... LOL I didn't care , I get free land owners tags

    I handed dad my Marlin 44 mag with a pretty soft lead 260 gr powder coated GC , Flat nose cast bullet .... sort of a Lee 310 gr bullet but the nose and body shortened
    Don't remember the charge .... the load is in my load notes , but loaded with 2400

    I had my Marlin 45/70 with a NOE 460 405 Gr RF GC bullet Powder coated ...Nose is pure lead and the body is a hard alloy
    Pushed by Reloaders 10 ... about 1500 fps

    We waited till they were about 50 yards out and I softly said ready ??
    He cocked the rifle and said on 3

    I was shooting out of one window and he was shooting out of another
    He softly counted 1,2 and 3 ... BOOM

    We both shot our deer through the lungs

    His turned and headed to the woods , but only went 30 or so yards before going down
    Mine kept going along the lane , but after 20 or so yards turned into a blackberry patch
    She went maybe 10 more feet before running into a clump of brush and falling over

    I helped Dad out of the chicken coop so he could sit on the deer cart

    We watched the deer for 5 or so min as we filled out the info onto our home made deer tags
    I walked up to dad's deer and checked to be sure it was dead and tied the tag on her leg
    I then walked to my deer and checker her , tied the tag on
    I then got dad back on the deer cart , unloaded the rifles and took him home

    Mom gave us a strange look as I dropped dad off before heading back to get the deer

    I used a rope to pull my deer out of the blackberry patch
    Lifted her onto the cart and drove over to dad's doe and added her on top of mine

    Total amount I had to by hand drag either deer was maybe 5 feet

    I took them to the barn
    We then called in to check our deer in

    It took longer to take dad down to the creek than the time we took on the Deer hunt part

    I skinned the deer , boned them out and washed the meat off
    Then cleaned up the mess

    I put the tubs of meat in my 2 frig's and ground most of it after I got back from duck hunting this morning

    Part I will keep
    The rest will go to several retired people that are friends

    Oh , since I cleaned and boned them out
    I had a good chance to look how the bullets did

    Neither bullet was recovered
    Both of us shot almost the exact same area through the lungs
    Both the 44 mag bullet and the 45/70 bullet did a great job
    IMO after the deer were gutted , it would of been hard to tell witch deer was shot with the .430 or .460 cast flat nose
    Just ribs were hit , so no big bones were hit and very little meat had to be thrown away

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    Nice story

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    Father and son hunting together, just doesn't get better than that. The deer were icing to the cake.

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    Great story! What a memory.
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    Great story, good eating. My hunting buddy and I have pulled that off a few times on wild turkeys I call it a double.

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    Well done John and good on you!!! As with many on here I miss my Dad and wish my sons lived closer.
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    Wonderful...I hope to be able to do the same tomorrow with my dad. He's almost 79 and can't get out without help. A few years ago he shot a deer and went down on the ground to clean it but realized he couldn't get back up. It was the first time I saw my dad tear up with the reality of aging.

    So...I have an agreement with him....if he's willing to still be my hunting partner...I'll take him, track, clean, and drag anything he shoots. I'm looking forward to just being out with him starting tomorrow.


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    Nice agreement!

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    Thanks for sharing, a great story and great hunt. Congrats to you both.

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    I like the idea of two alloys in one boolit.... soft nose hard body .... what's the trick to making that ....

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    Good for you. Great story.
    I'm a Happy Clinger.

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    I enjoyed reading that, thanks.

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    Great hunt, well told. Slap Pop gently on the back for me!

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    Well done, and THANK YOU for taking care of Dad,
    seems less important to many these days.
    NRA Benefactor 2004 USAF RET 1971-95

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    Good memories for you both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beechbum444 View Post
    I like the idea of two alloys in one boolit.... soft nose hard body .... what's the trick to making that ....
    Really simple
    Cut off the base of the bullet that you want to be hard lead
    Twist a steel or copper wire around the extractor grove of a 380 auto case and make a handle out of it ( Old primer left in ), a 32 auto case for smaller sized bullets
    Melt the "Nose" you want to be soft lead and pour it into the 380 Auto case and let it cool

    File off the excess brass case and melt the lead back out

    When you cast with that mold
    Use 2 lead pots , 1 of soft lead and another of a harder alloy

    Dip out a case of soft lead and pour it into each cavity
    Give that lead a chance to get mostly solid , but not hard
    Then top off the cavities with the hard alloy
    The "Hard" alloy will melt into the soft lead and bond the 2 alloys
    But sort and look at each bullet
    As sometimes the 2 alloys will not bond right
    Normally if that happens , you need to pour the hard alloy a few seconds sooner
    So that the soft lead is hotter

    The time you wait depends on how hot the lead is and how fast the bullets you cast in that mold take to harden

    These bullets will look different , as the soft lead and the hard alloy will have slightly different colors

    Oh making these bullets takes 2 - 3 times longer than with just 1 alloy
    As there is a fair amount of time extra needed to pour in the soft lead and wait for it to cool some
    So I only cast the 2 alloy bullets for hunting , not target bullets

    Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
    And I carry a SIG

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    Great story. Proud of you for taking good care of your Pop.

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    Great story....memories!

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    nice story!!!
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