Nice weather here on turkey day so while the bird was roasting, me and #2 son took the opportunity to pop some steel plates off the back deck. I have a white painted railroad plate at 75 yards in the fence row. I've been using Pat's PB checks in a 6" Blackhawk and a couple of High Powers and they did well. This was the first opportunity to try them in the 4 5/8" 9mm convertible cylinder.
Had a bunch of 358480HP GC'd and loaded. This is my favorite bullet for the 9mm convertibles. Got several hits on the plate which was pretty good as I was not use to the gun yet. Then I changed to some loads loaded with the 356402 GC's with PB checks. I proceeded to run 11 straight with this load. Kinda thinking the new 4 5/8" handles these a bit better than does the 6" version. You gotta try the .35PB checks. These were made from pop cans./beagle