Well, actually a King 2236 made after the Daisy takeover of Markham, but samey-same. Probably a clone of the Daisy No. 102 Model 36 from what I can piece together.

First question: I've got a new set of leather seals coming from ebay, but the originals are so far gone that it's not immediately obvious how the new ones sit, and clear parts diagrams seem hard to come by. It looks like the large-hole washer gets sandwiched between two metal pieces at the front of the piston assembly, and the small-hole washer gets threaded onto the air tube and lives against the stop surface at the front of its travel range. Do I have that bit right?

Second question is prep and care of the leather seals. Leave them dry or apply something prior to install? Unlike the later Red Ryders, there is no oil port for lubing the modern synthetic seals. My thought is that Ballistol might be ideal, as it was formulated for care of metal AND leather military gear. Maybe a boot waterproofing product to prevent drying and cracking? Hand lotion? Short of full disassembly, there is no provision for adding any of whatever will be used.

Third question: Are the new Daisy power plants with the synthetic seals compatible or adaptable? It appears that the basic operating concept hasn't changed for 80 years, but do the dimensions track? Again though, no easy way to lube the seals.

My inner six-year-old thanks you!