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Thread: Is/Was there a Handgun That You Just Canít Hit With?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas by God View Post
    First issue S&W Sigma .40 S&W.
    At least it was reliable. Horribly inaccurate for 4 different shooters. I hear the current SV's are much better.

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    My nephew bought a new Sigma and asked me to see what was wrong with the trigger....it would not fire until you released it...yep, the trigger stroke taken all the way back to the frame did nothing until the moment you let go of it....a release trigger if you will. It went back to S&W. It was a horrible POS

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    Der Gebirgsjager - Silver solder extra front sight onto the side of the existing sight blade maybe? (UGH though!) Comes a point where it's not worth it.

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    My example would be a Ruger SP-101 I had in the early 2000's. It was a .357 with a 3" tube. First of all, it impacted low with every boolit weight I tried. I ended up trimming the front sight down by about half. What sealed it's fate was, it had the most dreadful trigger pull of any firearm I've ever tried. I ended up trading it for what I had in it.
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    I have never been able to hit anything with any of those break open .32 and .38 pistols.

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    Pretty much every handgun I've ever owned, and I've owned a bunch, still have 6 in different flavors. Worst run of bad luck I've ever heard of.......

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    The most difficult has been flintlock pistol.
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    I had 3 different Ruger 22 Semis that I dould never shoot well . . . or even so-so.
    Buckmark is a different story.
    My Super Blackhawk was a no go until I changed the grips and made a pair that was the same thickness top to botom.
    Next will be a set that swell at the top, not the bottom.

    I do not know if it would carry over to the real thing, but I am amazed how well I can "point shoot" from the hip with my 1911 airsoft.
    I have never been able to get close with any other pistola or revolver shooting from the hip . . .
    Guess J. M. Browning was on to something there
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    I've been handgunning for 17 years. I've had ruger blackhawks in 357, single sixes, several 1911s, a ruger p95 and a 22/45, smith and wessons 422, 60, 66, 642, 4006, Glock 17, 22, 42, Walther p38 and probably some I cant remember right now.

    For me, the one Im having the most trouble getting good results with is my current blackhawk in 44 magnum. I had shot a blackhawk in 44 mag once before but it had a 7.5 barrel. Mine is a 4.625 barrel. I can do pretty good with a single six or a blackhawk in 357, and I did good with my buddies 44 the 1 time I shot it. I dont know if my buddy had reloads or factory ammo at the time.

    Fast forward to my short barrel 44 blackhawk and im shooting a foot left, flinching and all sorts of stuff. So I started by making specials, and working on my grip and squeeze again. I figured out my off hand was pulling me left cause im putting a death grip on it. Changed that, got it pretty well figured out, and am down to about 2" at 15 yards off hand now. That with special +p and starting mag loads. Still aint worked up to full power loads yet, but im taking my time. I aint tried any in a while as I have been focusing on getting the lighter loads which will be more useful anyway.

    Back when I owned and was shooting a 357 blackhawk, I was running skeeters heavy 357 loads, and thats about like a 44 special +p to light magnum loading in my estimation of recoil. I aint a giver upper though.

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    Kel Tec P-3AT. Bought my wife and I each one of these. Neither worked reliably with any type of ammunition but the biggest thing was
    Man Mountain Dean couldn't pull the trigger on one of these and hit anything. Must have been 20lbs.
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    S&W 1917 Army.

    That skinny, shiny front sight is just too hard for my old eyes to pick up.

    Unfortunately, more and more sights are getting that way.

    Walther PPK/s. That thing bites in every sense of the word.

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    Smith model 39 25 yards 14 inch groups never could make it shoot.

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    Ruger P89, 2nd best day with it was the day I bought it, best was the day I sold it. I put at least 7-800 rds through it and the trigger pull was best described as abysmal. I got to the point it would keep 115 gr jacketed at 6" SA on a paper plate. Cast was about the same. The first time I went to shoot it DA I got the factory guide out as I was sure I had missed a safety. Nope just a 19 lb trigger pull.
    Only other was a Model 66 S&W 2 1/2" Round Butt. I wanted a 2 1/2" or 3" for years and when I got one I couldn't hit with it. I experimented a ton but finally gave up on it too. I didn't sell either at a loss but there were some years that passed in between buy and sell.
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    My worst was a S&W 625 Mountain Gun in 45 Colt. It wouldn't shoot anything, cast or jacketed, light or heavy. At 25 yards off bags I would be lucky to put 3 of 6 on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I thought I might send it back to the factory but I knew I would never trust it even if it came back shooting 6 into an inch at 25. It got migrated out of my life.

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    I had a Dan Wesson 22 revolver I couldn't hit a coffee can at 20 ft.
    But I could hit the same coffee can every time with my H&R 999 at 75 yards.
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    Guy at the range let me shoot his S&W Sigma he was selling.

    Couldn't give it back fast enough.
    I give loading advice based on my actual results in factory rifles with standard chambers, twist rates and basic accurizing.
    My goals for using cast boolits are lots of good, cheap, and reasonably accurate shooting, while avoiding overly tedious loading processes.
    The BHN Deformation Formula, and why I don't use it.
    How to find and fix sizing die eccentricity problems.
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    I had repressed memories of the early Ruger Vaquero 44-40 with the little throats and big barrel but this thread brought them back. If I had merely fitted a .44 mag cylinder I might still have it. A 1958 Browning A5 Light Twelve replete w/ Cutts replaced it quickly.

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    I did have an H&R model 999 that would shoot the first two or three rounds into the same hole, then it would start to walk sideways. It turned out that the rear sight wasn't fitted properly, and I could see where the screws were not cut straight. I could even see where the threads were cut out of the hole. Instead of sending it back, I sold it.... I did a LOT of stupid things like that. Still do......
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    I've had a few, of that many, that I've owned that wouldn't shoot.

    Topping the list is the Rimfire Ruger 22/45 (made before they came out with the Mark III).
    I think is was the plastic frame that gave it an ill feel? It just never felt right for me. I got patterns (instead of groups) at 25 yards.
    Sometimes I'd be all the way off the paper. My Best friend was happy to buy it from me, He claims it is every bit as accurate as his Mark II and his Mark I, both of which he loves.

    I should also mention the CZ-52.
    I've owned three of them. When shooting Mil surp ammo, which is quite 'Snappy', The gun just about jumps out of your hand. I've found using the typical Law enforcement handgun "hold" I couldn't hit anything...which is the hold I'd prefer to use on such a gun with ammo as mentioned. I did learn that if I used a weak grip (like when shooting Bullseye comp), I could get those guns to group pretty good.

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    By far the hardest for me is the 4 5/8 Ruger 45.
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    The problem child for me, was a Ruger SP101 357, with a 3" barrel. I bought it for my wife, but after she shot it, it was given back to me, as she said she couldn't even tell where she was hitting. Now I know how my wife shoots, and she has shot plenty. Sure enough, that gun was hitting everywhere, but the target. I tried different things, new front site, all different ammo, etc., but it just had to go. I am a Ruger man, and have many, but that one, for me, was a lost cause.

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