Hello to all of you fellow bullet casters.

I'm interested in ordering a mold from Accurate Molds for my 308 win. I'm interested in tinkering with low recoil ammunition using Trail Boss as my main powder. I'm joining a picture diagram of the bullet mold I'm looking at. My barrel is a 1/10" 4 grouve barrel. The mold is designed to drop bullets in the 240gr range which I think might not stabilize well in my barrel.

My plan in to design a new mold using the same dimensions but shortening the bullet to have it drop bullets no heavier than 220gr. Before I order such mold, I do have a few questions...

1. What bullet diameter would you choose? I'm planning on powder coating the bullets afterwards... I own a Lee push through sizer in .309".
2. What do you think of this design? The upside down bore ride? Good or bad design? My goal here is for a paper punching bullet, not a hunting bullet. This is for fun, nothing more. My main goal is to develop the deepest penetrating cast bullet for a 308 Winchester leaving the barrel around 1000 fps using a 1/10 twist barrel.

I'm looking for your expertise and opinions.



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