I gave up on the 3D printed collator the other day. I just couldn't get it to CONSISTENTLY feed my various 9MM bullets Bottom Down into my Dillon 650 press.
If I used one bullet, then maybe, but I use a couple of three and wanted to use for other calibers (38/357) and it would just not work consistently.
So I've given it away to another member, (Good luck) but I kept the Mr. BulletFeeder Bullet Drop. I will have to say that If I had the $$$$, I'd buy the entire setup from Double Alpha.
It is a nice setup, but not for my money right now.
So, I started thinking about manually dropping bullets. My Setup for 38 Special right now uses a single RCBS Die for Seating and Crimping, and I use the powder check. I had a 3d printed adapter from the collator project and I could drop 4 or 5 bullets into the adapter and it would feed great. So I went out looking for tubing to use like the Hornady and Lee manual feeders. 1/2" Pex looked to be perfect and I got a 5 foot piece for $1.95 at Lowes. Cut into ft long sections and cross drilled hole for a wire to stop bullets from falling through. Found that they would catch on the adapter.
So I reworked the adapter, printed another with a taper at the inside where bullets were catching. Works great now, about 12-20 bullets per tube, (yeah, you can make longer, tube is cheap)
Can get about 75 bullets in the tubes. And with the powder check, I can move pretty darn quick in loading.
A few pictures
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Feeder and tube.
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Pex tubing and simple two minute scrap stand.
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Closeup with bullets.

Just another use for that printer.