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Thread: Encore Katahdin Carbine 45-70

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    Boolit Man
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    Jan 2018
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    Encore Katahdin Carbine 45-70

    I just put a deposit down on a TC Encore Katahdin Carbine in 45-70 so now i'm waiting the mandatory 14 days for the paperwork to come back (although lately they have been 8 weeks).

    While i'm waiting i will be organising dies and a mould (but i may wait until i can get a cerrosafe cast of the throat and bore first).

    I only intend to use low powered cast boolit loads in the rifle.

    Has anyone had any experience with the Encores in 45-70? What moulds and loads have you tried?

    I will be using the stock peep sight initially but i will also look into getting a low power scope so need suggestions on a low power scope that will work well with 45-70 and won't upset the balance and handling of the rifle too much.

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    Mar 2009
    Sweet Home Oregon
    I coveted the 45-70 barrel for years for my Encore. Finally landed a new Katiden 45-70 and couldnt wait to shoot it.

    Got it out and with anticipation i shoved a 500 grain RCBS loaded shell into the yawning hole in the breech. Powered with some Unique powder and closed the breech with a fine sounding click.

    I had installed a silver Leopold 3x9 scope and bore sighted it so was pretty sure it would be on paper at 35 yards.

    Thumbing back the adjusted hammer spur and with anticipation i sighted down range ... slipping my trigger finger into the guard ... i settled down for the first of many fun rounds of subsonic 500 grain rounds.

    Well i gotta report that this little light carbine came rite to life as i gently pressed the trigger. First thing that happened was a slight pain on my trigger finger which resulted in a small leaking wound on the knuckle of my trigger finger ... the next realization was a very relieved thought that i narrowly missed getting a scope ring around my eye.

    Yes it came rite to life and with a fairly large group at 35 yds i realized that the heavy 500 grainers would NOT be part of my loaded rounds for this carbine.

    Very light and very easy to swing and carry. I bet the viney maple thickets here in the north west will not give this exelent rifle any trouble. I anticipate some lighter loads doing a bunch better.

    Good luck with your lite blaster. It is a brush gun beyond compare. TARGET GUN? Maybe not but handy hunter for sure.

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    Boolit Master
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    Jun 2010
    Well, you asked so I'll tell you. I have owned at least seven or eight different 45-70's over the last ten years. A TC Encore 45-70 was one of them. I shoot nothing but light loads (think Trapdoor light) and find any light load will easily kill every whitetail I shoot with it. Regardless of distance or angle, the 400g bullets I shoot are complete pass-throughs. Now, that being said, I got rid of the 45-70 bbl on my Encore. To say the recoil was abusive is an understatement. The gun is way too light for any load I tried in the gun. Could I use it? Yes, but with no joy what so ever. I find any of my Sharps, High Walls, or 1886 rifles to be quite acceptable with light loads. In fact, I can shoot my High Wall at length at the bench and not walk away shell shocked. The Encore barrel lasted about three weeks and then some other person received the joy of ownership. It shot "good enough", but not as good as my other 45-70s. That was part of the reason I got rid of it. If I were to get another barrel for either of my Encores, it would be an MGM or Bullberry. Scopes? I'd look for a Leupold VX-2 2-7x33 for it (look for 4" of eye relief). I wish you the best of luck with your new gun. Hope you have a good dentist also.

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    Now I found those problems with the 500S&W the first time I shot it with the 720gr cast! 45-70 with the Gould or my 420 Lee group buy from years ago, at about 1200-1400 fps is a nice shooter. If you don't have one get the Lyman 457122 Gould and have fun.
    Wayne the Shrink

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    Boolit Master

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    The Lowcountry
    13 to 15 grains unique, 300 to 405 grain bullets. Very very low recoil! 1,100fps + Maybe more in your barrel length.
    You can also look on this site for reduced loads, or mouse fart loads!
    Red dot is also good for the 45-70, I haven't worked to much with it in this caliber though.
    Do not know what you have available down in your neck of the world.
    Have fun be safe.

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    Mar 2016
    I have a TCR87 45-70 and had the same problem. For most people I believe it is too light for the caliber. Like bigted I loaded up a heavy boolit for the first rounds I fired from it and my surprise at the recoil was "HOLY FREAKING FREJOLES BATMAN". Switched to a 350 grain boolit at about 1200/1400 fps and still it hit hard but manageable. I should note I have not shot it in years because work related injuries to my shoulder.
    Paul G

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    Unique is your friend, and Accurate Molds has designs all the way down to 165 grains.
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    unique and 2400(+ tuft of dacron) is your friends.
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    Once saw an ad for a Contender barrel in 45-70, described as “fired and dropped once”. Local gun shop had a new Baby Rolling Block in 45-70, it weighed 4 1/2 pounds. Dealer said he ordered it by mistake and was going to send it back but somebody bought it before he could. Have tried ever since to talk to the guy that bought it to see what he thought of it after firing it

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    My very limited experience with my Katahdyn in 500 S&W magnum, what's burning behind the slug and what that slug weighs, takes mine from, "that's not too bad, to some one call me a doctor!". I'm sure you will have no problem finding a load for that 45-70 that'll make you all smiles!
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    Jul 2009
    WV USA
    I purchased a .45/70 Katahdin last year. I shoot NOE’s 350gr boolit over enough Varget to hit 1,850 fps. You know when the primer works. Accuracy is good and I took a whitetail doe last year with it. It’s a great gun to carry much and shoot occasionally.

    I put a Leupold 2.5x compact scope on mine. It didn’t mess up the balance and is tough enough to stand up to the “gentle” recoil.

    I believe you’re going to like it.

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    Well, I got a Marlin 1895 and she wears a Nikon 2-7x33 and I really like the scope on her. No problems holding zero.

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