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Thread: Wal-Mart screw up

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    ^^ That is probably what happened. A lot of places will place an asterisk on the sales tag for product or price will not be a normal type such as ending in .99 or round numbers when they are discontinuing an item. I look for them all the time for a better deal.

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    There is another place near me that has them on sale for $59.99 so it is not inconceivable that they would be a closeout at $47. That is a heck of a price though. I bought the same Bucket of Golden Bullet hollow points 2 years ago for $79.99 and considered myself lucky. I have shot about half of them without any misfires so far. I chronoed some and the velocity is between 1050 fps and 1250 fps though. I haven't seen any other 22lr with that kind of spread in the velocity. Obviously they are not accurate!
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    They still made money

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    Two times I've gotten a killer deal on a gun, both from dealers. The first was an old SKS on the used rack at a LGS. It was marked "Russian SKS". The stock was ugly and wrong, and the receiver had some weird rust on it. They wanted $125 as I recall (even back then it was a good price). I knew it wasn't Russian and tried politely telling him that. He rudely told me it is if they say it is (paraphrased). I went home, researched it, then went back and bought it without further argument. I sold that NVA war trophy SKS a couple years later for $800. I didn't feel bad about it; I tried to tell him and he was rude about it.

    The second time I saw a nice older Uberti 1875 Remington at a show for $175. Wow, that's too cheap! I asked the dealer if anything was wrong with it, and it the price was correct. He handed it to me and grumbled that no, nothing wrong with it, and yes, the price was correct. I said I'd like to buy it, but you're sure about the price? More grumbling, of course I'm sure.

    As I filled out the 4473 and he called in the BGC, the look on his face changed and he realized he'd made a big mistake. I think he accidentally priced it accordingly for a reproduction cap and ball. He went through with the sale though. I'd given him every chance before buying it. Love that gun, it shoots great.

    My last story is about a gun dealer in a shop I used to frequent long ago, back in the late 80's or early 90's. I went in one day and he was bragging about have totally ripped off a couple of young guys who had brought in a bunch of guns and reloading gear to sell. He was obviously pleased with himself and I thought that seemed out of character for him until I heard the rest of the story.

    It seems these two young guys had recently inherited Grandpa's hunting gear: several nice rifles and boxes full of reloading gear. They immediately took it to the nearest gun shop for beer money. He said the whole time he was looking things over to come up with an offer, they were laughing and joking about Grandpa's old junk and all the fun they were going to have blowing the money that evening. They clearly knew nothing about guns and had no respect for their late grandfather.

    He was getting angry as he listened so he gave them a ridiculously low-ball offer for the whole works. They took it and left, and he said he didn't feel guilty at all.

    I don't mean any judgements either way with my stories. To each their own...

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    I never ask what Jesus would do. I'm Jewish, so I ask what would my old Rabbi say ? He'd ask how will you balance the scale? I went to the local Salvation Army and spent $50 bucks for Women's & little kids clothes, then stopped at the Walgreens for some soda & snacks/cookies & small stuffed animals.
    Dropped them off at the local Women's Shelter that my family has supported for many years. Better to spend it on abused Women & kids then to put it in Wal-Mart's coffers.
    Happiness is a Warm GUN & more ammo to shoot in it.

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    Funny. . .

    Reminds me of when I worked in a dedicated gun store across the street from a more generic "baseball gloves, sneakers, skis, and a little bit of gun stuff" chain store. One of our guys walked across the street to check them out and reported back that they were selling 250-round CASES of birdshot at the 25-round BOX price. Our manager broke out the petty cash fund and promptly cleaned them out for our own inventory. We didn't hoist a Jolly Roger over the shop that day, but we should have.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Walks View Post
    Just got back from my Neighborhood Wal-Mart.
    Went in for a 1400rd bucket of REM Golden BULLETS @ $74.00, somebody made big boo boo. Kid opened the locked ammo cage, I pulled out one.

    It was marked $47.00 !!!!!, pulled the next 2, $47.00 each. The last was $74.00, I left it.

    Kid called for a Mgr to ring it up, he was on a cellphone the whole time. I sweated it out, AND THEY SAILED THROUGH AT $47.00 EACH.

    I feel no guilt at all. Wal-Mart has been screwing the AMERICAN PEOPLE for decade's. Nice to get a little back.

    4200rds HVHP .22LR, I'll take it. Don't need HV or HP, but what the hey, I'll take anyway.
    Here’s to hoping less than 10% are thunder-less duds. I always had at least 3-5 go “click”....... ........

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