I ordered a 1911 ambidextrous safety in the white by mistake and did not want to return it but it is going on a stainless steel gun.
I looked for an electroplater and got a price of $45, as much or more than I paid for the safety!
My machinist teacher told me about a brush type plating system he had so I looked up the Micro Mark system and ordered the “Chrome Copy” chemicals and used a battery charger for the power supply.
The reason they call it “chrome copy” is that it is a cobalt plating not chrome.
I watched a YouTube video and and tested it on a small clean piece of copper getting satisfactory results I plated the safety.
It is a perfect match to the stainless steel gun and only cost $20 and I only used one ounce of the 8oz so I can do quite a few other parts if needed!