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Thread: need a dual use load for both 45lc and 454 casull

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    need a dual use load for both 45lc and 454 casull

    not sure if this is even possible.
    I own both a ruger super red hawk 2.5 snub in 454/45lc
    and a 454/45lc lever rossi ( one of the newer ones. she runs factory loads like a champ in both calibers)
    im wondering if i can work up loads for each caliber that would work for both?
    in other words a load for 45lc that will fire safely in both the pistol and rifle and a load in 454 that will fire safely in both
    if so what surp powders and starting loads would you all recommend?

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    Boolit Master Walks's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    A .454 Casull shot in a 2 1/2" bbl is way too short to make any ballistic use of the Casull Cartridge's Capacity. You can load a full power load in a 2 1/2" bbl, but all your doing is blowing wasted powder out the bbl.

    Try it over a Chronograph.
    Happiness is a Warm GUN & more ammo to shoot in it.

    My Experience and My Opinion, are just that, Mine.

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    it is what it is ( the redhawk ) and im not concerned so much about ekking out top performance, it is after all designed for a chest harness and fast draw in bear country. all im asking is if anyone has any load suggestions for both calibers that will function SAFELY in both calibers for both firearms...preferably surp powder suggestions. im getting ready to order a big ole pile o powder from jeff.

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    as far as milsurps it seems ive missed the boat. talking with jeff this morning putting an order it seems wc820 was what id have needed, and that stuffs just not avail anymore.

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    Boolit Master
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    Jan 2016
    My suggestion would be to just run higher performance .45LC loads. I wouldn't want to shoot .454s from the SRH at all.

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    Boolit Grand Master

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    Color Me Gone
    As to a short barrel, tell it to the guy, attacked by a big Grizzly, who got off two shots with his Ruger Alaskan and had bear die at his feet. Got off two shots and third bullet jumped crimp and jammed revolver.
    Anyway this is on right now for group buy. Just what you are asking for
    "Had his shooting been as good as his running, he might have given a better account of himself."
    James. C. Henderson

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    as Ive been sitting here thinking about this Ive decided that for a shared load ill stick to 45lc,
    ill use 454 hornadys in the revolver. btw fwiw ive prolly run about 300 rounds of storebought 454 through the redhawk with zero problems...was kinda hoping to work up a load what with all that brass, but hey thats for another day.....
    that group buy looks nice for a 45lc shared round, thank you appreciate it

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    45 colt= 300 grain bullet 18-19 grains 296
    454= 300 grain bullet 27-28 grains H110

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    thank you brassduck!

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    Boolit Master

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    Mar 2005
    south western pennsylvina
    FME loaded in 454 cases and 260 ,275 & 300 gr cast bullets I use Tightgroup powder with 8 .0 to 9.0 grs for 900 to 1050 fps and a sml pistol primer. friends have loaded 6.0 of TG in a 45lc case with the above cast bullets who I supervise when there loading them on my press with good results.

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    bob thats for both lever and revolver?

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    Boolit Master
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    Oct 2008
    .380" with a larger meplat is the longest that will reliably cycle in the Rossi and the ogive needs to be a secant or as close to it as possible. A tangent nose profile at .380" and a .320" meplat or wider will likely not cycle. I designed this over at accurate molds and I designed it to run in both a Ruger SRH and a Rossi (LSI Puma) 454 Lever.

    You may want to see if someone can send you some samples of whatever design you think might work so you can check on the reliability in the lever action.

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    Boolit Buddy nhyrum's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    I know it's a little late, but, my load for my 454 is the 300 hornady xtp with 30.0 h110. I've burnt about 5lbs of powder through my Taurus, so I'd bet it's safe in your Rossi, who, Taurus and Rossi are one company, Iirc. My 45 colt is 8.6 800x under a beartooth bullets 265 grain Keith bullet.

    Also, nifty seeing you here! I stumbled across your YouTube channel a little while ago.

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