I currently have a .450 marlin Lever action. My intention is to get a very wide nose mold and have it hollow pointed. I know- just get the MiHec .45 Hammer bullet, right? Well I already have that mold. While very nice it is a little lighter than the 375 to 400 grains I want (332 grains).

On his website, Dan recommends not going over .370 diameter due to the potential for feeding issues. Well the MiHec Hammer bullet is .390 meplate diameter as best I can tell from cast bullets. I attribute its ability to feet to its short length.

My 2 ballisticast .45 molds both measure at .370 and have longer noses than the Hammer bullet. Both feed fine.

Tom has mostly .370ish diameter meplates but does list a few a little larger than that. I don't have any of his .45 rifle molds- yet.

Has anybody had much success feeding with larger diameter meplates?