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Thread: How much are once fired shotgun husks worth?

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    Boolit Bub
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    How much are once fired shotgun husks worth?

    Im sorry if this is the wrong section for this question as it was the only dedicated shotgun forum i saw, but i just had an old customer come back and ask if i had 16 gauge shot husks. I never thought about parting with them before, but what is the going rate?

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    It would depend on the brand and condition

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    Boolit Master
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    Most any 16ga ,once fired hull tends to bring a nickle each.
    I just paid that for federal game load hulls and rem game loads run about the same, sellers market!
    I also climbed into a trash barrel after a box of fieochi hulls(sp sorry)
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    BPI sells a grab bag of unsorted 12 and 20ga hulls (500) for $13 Of these I found about 375 or so useable Not top shelf Hulls but the only ones I threw away were the cheap Winchester target hulls. I haven't seen any 16's for sale so they would probably go higher. Gp

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    Boolit Mold
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    I don't know for sure,but I have read some where that Hulls can sale for .4 cent for 12 ga and .6 cent for 20 ga.,410 ga.

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    I have paid 15. A hundred for once fired 410 win AA hulls before happily . I have also paid 50. A hundred for new Remington 10 gage 3 1/2 hulls but it wasn't happily I needed them .

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    The going rate for top quality Win AA or Remington STS 12 or 20 ga hulls is .04-.05 each.

    .410 Win AA's go for .15 each.

    I have never seen OF 16 ga hulls for sale and I don't know if there is such a thing as a 16 ga AA hull. If they are Universals then whatever you can get. I personally would just buy new ones and save the hulls to reload, but I don't have a 16 ga anything..

    Mind you this is for the good stuff. Regular Win Universal or Federal hulls with the lines in them are only reloadable once or twice and even then they suck. They are usually picked out of the trash for free. Feds are better than the Wins in this case but nothing like a AA or STS hull. I use these cheap hulls for loading reduced loads for 3 gun shoots where I won't be able to pick up my empties. All my loads are the same with only the shot type or pumpkin ball being the difference in payload. All weigh the same.

    My old style Win AA's have been reloaded 7-8 times and will easily go another 2-3 times. To get that many reloads out of them you have to take care of them and clean them before each reload.

    To clean them you size and deprime first and then put in a mesh bag and run thru a washing machine. They come out ready to load and and look good. If you don't knock teh primer out first they take forever to dry.

    You could go over to and see what is for sale over there and go from there.

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    I have quite a few 16 ga. Win AA hulls from the 80's. They were all from good quality Super-X high brass hunting ammo. They can be loaded many times.

    Edit : No, not for sale.

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    Once fired Win compression formed (sometimes called AA but never so marked) can fetch .20 each plus shipping. Rem "blacks" 7-10 cents. Rest 5-6 cents plus shipping.

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    Boolit Master
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    Please note that they are not "HUSKS" corn are husks, these are hulls!! and I've never heard them bring in more then 5 or 6 cents each, and those are top of the line Remington Premiers or W-W AAs, even the smaller gauges can be purchased inexpensively at any Skeet club, as those smaller gauges are used in Skeet, though not in Trap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by W.R.Buchanan View Post

    I have never seen OF 16 ga hulls for sale and I don't know if there is such a thing as a 16 ga AA hull.
    Back in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s Winchester marketed “Upland” shells and later they called them “Xpert” in both of these the 16 gauge hulls were what Winchester referred to as AA hulls . I read more then once Winchester marketing saying the hulls in Uplands and Xperts were of the “AA style” . Back in the 80’s when I first started loading for the 16 gauge I bought two cases (real cases of 500). And those 1000 hulls lasted me a good long time . Wish I had a couple thousand more of them !
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    Last 16 gauge hulls I bought, I paid $30 for 500+ Winchester compression formed AA style hulls and an equivalent amount of wads. I think I stole them.

    Got love garage sales where they just want the stuff gone.

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