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Thread: MP Mold - 9mm Round Nose 147 grain Competition boolit

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    Jul 2014
    Burns tn

    MP Mold - 9mm Round Nose 147 grain Competition boolit

    Has anyone started loading these yet ? I was wondering about OAL, I think I'm going to try 1.095 where the rim is even at the case mouth.

    I made 11 of them and they cycle by hand great, I guess we will see what the chrono says

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    Jan 2014
    I have my first batch in the oven now. It will be a couple of weeks before I have any load results.

    That said, I have the current 359-147 TC bullet he produces. If you load this down to the rim, would you mind pulling one or two to see if the base is swaged? I have a feeling it will be pretty deep in the case as the distance from base to rim on these looks to be about .040 longer than the other one.

    I too am interested to know what others are doing for COAL.

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    Feb 2015
    I was planning on loading as long as possible and figured it'd be around 1.14. The nose of the bullet is really long and since it's a round nose you should be able to get over 1.1 easily. I cast a full 20 lbs pot of these over the weekend and will probably load some this week.

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    Jan 2014
    Initial impressions:
    If this mold shoots like it casts, I will seriously regret not buying two. On my PID, it seems to really like to run at 720 degrees. However, with eight cavities, the mold will get plenty hot and there is a good bit of dwell time before the sprue freezes. Two molds would be perfect to use in rotation.

    I have the "smooth sided" version and upon opening generally two to four fall on their own with the remaining needing just the slightest tap on the end of the handles. The come out at 151g average and right at .360. I ordered the .358 version and am casting an alloy of approx 95/3/2 and am coating with Smoke's coating. Currently Traffic Orange.

    I finished sizing about 200 last night. I bought this mold specifically because I hoped it would feed better in my AR9. Currently, in that I have been using MP 359-147 BB It has a bit of a TC nose to it and will hang up on entry as this platform does not have a feed ramp. In my AR9, I can seat them as long as I want and they will plunk fine. I seat to 1.145 for good feeding through the magazine and to get the nose as close to the lands as possible. Accuracy is quite good with about a 2-3" group at 50 yards out of an 8.5" barrel with a suppressor on the end.

    I want to see if I could make these new round nosed pull double duty for my AR9 and my Canik for competition. The Canik has a groove diameter of .357 vs. .355 of the AR9. That means sizing to .358. In order to pass the plunk test reliably in the Canik, they will need to be seated to 1.125. That puts them just off the lands in that gun and approximately .090 below the "rim" of the bullet. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20180807_070313.jpg 
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Size:	40.2 KB 
ID:	225140

    Additionally, doing a bit of math this results in .050 more bullet being seated inside the case as compared to the 359-147 BB. As I am planning to use TiteGroup for this bullet, I'll definitely want to start a tad lower as a result of the reduced case volume. For the 359-147 BB, I started at 2.8g which gave me an average velocity of 950 FPS out of a 16" upper. 2.9g was the winner with this 10 shot group at 50 yards:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Carbine Upper 50 Yards 359-147 2.9g Titegroup.jpg 
Views:	16 
Size:	32.8 KB 
ID:	225139

    After seating 10 dummy rounds of the new 9mm Competition Round Nose to 1.125, they all fed from the magazine and hand cycled in the Canik fine.

    I will likely start with this COAL and a starting charge of maybe 2.7g or 2.6g of TiteGroup.

    I will update the thread with more results when I actually shoot them and am open to suggestions or input.

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    Mar 2018
    I loaded these in 38's and they shot great

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    Jun 2006
    I'm still waiting for my 2 molds to be delivered..........

    Everyone has the right to be stupid.
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    Feb 2015
    I made it to the range over the weekend. I had cast some pretty soft stuff for use in my 929 revolver and used that for some starting loads in a Glock 17 and a CZ 75 B.
    3.4 N340 was right around 880 to 899 FPS in the 3 guns.
    3.0 Bullseye was about 10 FPS slower in the auto-loaders.
    The standard deviations were all real good with the highest SD being 11.6.
    Accuracy was good in the 929 and Glock, but only a couple of rounds hit the target at 25 yards with the CZ.
    OAL used was 1.145 and this function good in all guns, however the CZ and Glock barrels have both been seen Dougguy and have had their leades cut for lead bullets.

    I've never posted info in a group buy results page so hopefully this is helpfull. I would consider these loads to be real good starting loads/plinking loads and probably good target loads with some small adjustments (maybe I'll trying sizing at .358 for the CZ???)

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