I have been reading posts here for several years and I know there were a lot of people looking for Cowboy Action shooting lever action rifles. I have found a local gun store (where I have bought several over the last year). Specifically, there seems to be a scarcity of Rossi M92 rifles. I know production was off for the last few years, but this place has several. I went to that store today looking specifically for a M92 in 45 Colt. They had several. They also had a Marlin 38/357 (either new or like new) that was selling for 749.95 (retail). The 45 Colt listed for 619.95 and I was able to get it down to $550 (with tax it was $580.25). Not a super great deal, but they are hard to find. I asked if they would ship out of state and they said gladly. I mentioned how hard the M92s were to find and they said they had trouble selling them and the one (of the two) that I bought had been there for a few years. If you're looking for some new lever action M92s and Marlins. Try Audette's Sporting Goods Store (It's really and ACE Hardware store with a gun and bow center in the middle of it....remember this is Maine....hahaha. For those interested:

Audette's Hardware


22 Peck Farm Rd, Winthrop, ME 04364 ~10.3 mi

(207) 377-2711

(NOTE: If this is not permitted, Admins please delete with my apologies. I own no stock or interest in the store, but I do have an interest seeing our membership get what they are looking for. )