Yesterday was weighing some bullets and fighting the in and out of the scale pan deep sides. Made a disk up about 2" in dia flat top and bottom and weighted it to match the scale pan. Scales zero with pan iis also zero with the disk replacing the pan. This gives a flat surface that's level and even to sit bullets and or cases on now instead of picking up out of pan the 3/8" or so plus beam movement.

This disk is 3/8" thick roughly and 2" in dia. I made it from aluminum flashing. Its hollow and lead shot is used to adjust it to weight. 1/4" thick would be fine. This disk replaces the pan and sits on the hanger securely at just under 2". It works nicely on my 505, 510 and dial o grain rcbs scales. Most beam scales wont zero with out the pan in place so this little piece solves that issue.