So after looking at them on line for a while and reading tons of reviews I went head and ordered one of their knives, itís one of their tracker/bushcraft knives and itís loosly patterned after the Tom Brown JR. knife put out by tops knives. It arrived from NY to MI in 2 days, the price was fair and although it didnít have much of an edge on it a few passes over the medium stone; a few dozen licks with the ceramics and a honing on the two sided razor strope and itís shaving sharp! The knife is big; 5 inch blade and a five inch finger grove handle made of very nicely figured and grained Pakka wood. The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel . The thing I liked the best about it so far is for a wide fat almost Bowie style blade is that it seems to balance perfectly in the hand and being a big 220 pound guy I have small hands and the grip and finger groves fit my small hand perfectly! So far Iíve cut some brush with it; batoned some small logss into kindling and thrown it a few times into my tomahawk target, the knife is none the worse for wear and still sharp enough to slice melon and cucumber thin enough to see through the slices . The handle has a lanyard hole which I require in a general field /camp chore knife. There is also additional lashing points so the knife can be afixed to a staff or pole to make a formidable spear. The sheath is very good quality heavy duty harness leather with several options to attach to belt harness or pack and includes a snap pouch for stone or zippo or flint and steel. For the price Iím very very leased and will be ordering more for Christmas gifts for the outdoors guys and gals on my list.
I canít seem to load a photo right now. But itís a very sturdy knife thatís pleasing to my eye in a style I like. And I have no connection to nor any financial arrangement with Alanzo knives.