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Thread: Is sr 4759 good for plinking in an old 32-20 Marlin lever?

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    Is sr 4759 good for plinking in an old 32-20 Marlin lever?

    Evening all,
    So it's been a while since I bought any powder and i'm getting pretty low on certain powders like Unique , Bullseye , RDot , 231, ect,ect.
    While I could go get more at the local GS I think I need to try some 4759 ,,, I have 4 1LB tubs in the back of my cabinet ,

    My rifle is a 117 year old Marlin 1894 in 32-20.

    I only shoot the ole boy with light loads you know the 50 yd back yard coke can killer loads with the 3118 boolit and one 115gr mould from Eric at Accurate .
    Before I dig through all my older books for loads I want to ask for opinions on the stuff, not looking for fav loads or anything like that just asking for ballpark #'s as a starting point.
    I bet " pet loads " by mr Waters has some , i'll dig his BIG, FAT book out later .
    Until then what say yee ?.lol.

    OH I don't have 4227 or that one which starts out with 54--- something lol, sorry
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    Itís THE cast boolit smokeless powder. Also, the best priming charge for duplex black powder loads. Somebody was supposed to have announced a replacement equivalent would be forthcoming, but I havenít seen it yet.

    My relined Low Wall likes 11 grains behind that 3118. And a good crimp.

    Expect a few partially burned powder granules in the barrel after a shot. The better the crimp, the fewer granules, but there will always be some. Doesnít seem to affect accuracy. If a granule gets in the chamber, the next case might have a dimple in it when fired, but it irons out the next time itís fired.

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    While 4759 is a sterling cast bullet powder, it is too bulky for good use in the 32-20. I would suggest finer 4227 or a pistol powder like Bullseye or Unique.
    Disclaimer: The above is not holy writ. It is just my opinion based on my experience and knowledge. Your mileage may vary.

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    CharGar has a point about SR4759 being "bulky", but that is why it is a good powder for cartridges that were originally designed for Black powder. (like the .32-20WCF) I have found that using small pistol magnum primers helps reduce the small amount of unburned grains left behind in the barrel. I concur with using a good crimp. Another trick is to use a card or thin wax wad under the boolit. This boosts pressure a bit and results in more complete burning. I used SR4759 loads in my .32-20 Winchester '73 for years with no problems and great accuracy.

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    I like SR-4759...a LOT...but I think Unique is a better powder in the 32-20. However, if I had a surfeit of SR-4759 I'd darn sure try it in my 32-20's. Seems some of the other guys are getting good results with it.
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    Thanks fella's , I think I'll follow Ken Waters path and start at 8.5 gn of 4759 ang go from there , he states this start load will give 1,254 fps and his max at 10gns will deliver a " whopping " 1,585fps.

    His most accurate for this propellant was 9gns @ 1,374fps.

    Now were cooking , i'm in my comfort zone with these kind of loads for this particular old beat-up piece of iron,,,lol,,,,,
    Keep breathing , it's good for ya...

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    Unless you have a good supply of 4759 you won't be using it for long. It was discontinued this year.

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    I'm justa thinkin if a man had 4 lbs of SR4759, he may well find a cast boolit shooter somewhere to trade around to a better 32-20 powder.
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    4759 is no longer made. TrailBoss would be an excellent choice for you.

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    Too far west of where I should be.
    4759 is mighty hard to get now. Not sure I'd use it for "plinking". 4227 is a better choice for 32-20 and easier to get.
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    Gavlan posted this referring to Ken Water's work with the caliber and I concur, using Lyman's 311008 cast from ACWW's. His most accurate for this propellant was 9gns @ 1,374fps. HTH's Rod

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