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Thread: 7.62x54r aliant 2400 neck tension??

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    7.62x54r aliant 2400 neck tension??

    Quick accuracy question;

    When loading the 314299 205 grain for a mosin pu sniper; do you want minimal neck tension and crimp, or minimal neck tension with a good crimp when using aliant 2400?

    (hand chambering 1 round at the time, not loading from mag)

    What's your favorite gas checked 314299 - Aliant 2400 grain combo? I see 16 grain here and there, but anybody load a different charge?

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    When I got my Finn model 27 about the only boxer primed cases around were either Norma (expensive) or Hansen Cartridge Company. The Hnasen ones were made in Yugoslavia and only loaded ammo at that time. Lucked out at a gun show and found 15 boxes and dealer gave me a good price. I'm using a RCBS 3 die set which I found were over sizing the case necks for the .3135 314299 bullet I was using. Sizing the case then using a Lyman M die to open them up and slightly bell them was over working the brass. After annealing them I decided to make a shorty neck die in my old craftsman 6" lathe. drilled out the center hole, then reamed and polished the hole and chamfer. Get about .002-.003 neck tension which works great. I load them longer than the magazine so just tilt them in the mag and they feed great. While I don't use 2400, the load I finally setteled on 20.0 grains IMR 4759 works great and in over 30 years I have not sullied that bore with a jacketed bullet. While IMR 4759 was discontinued for about the third and permanent time some still can be found. Estimated velocity should be in the 1600 fps area. The 4759 load shot well and the sights on the model 27 did take some futzing with until it shot where I was looking. And the initial 100 Hansen cases are still going strong with annealing and slight bumping of the shoulders. May not exactly be the info you are looking for, some others may find it interesting. Frank

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    I am also interested in the neck tension question. I have loaded rounds with zero neck tension and they seemed to shoot Ok. I've done this with jacketed bullets too (forgive me for I have sinned) and I have recorded sub MOA. I need to redo that test. How I did it was I seated the bullet in a paper towel cup which was then soaked in molten lube which held the bullet firmly enough not to fall out or get bumped out of position. Well, the paper held the bullet not to fall out. The powder was Varget (full power load) and now I want to try the same thing with a heavier bullet over H4350.

    I intend loading plain cast into unsized necks with no crimp (boolit big enough to hold firm). I have H4227 on hand but have been wondering about 2400.
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    Just yesterday I was shooting my Mosin.
    I was using 20.0gr #2400 under a Lee .309-200RNGC, sized.311”.
    These were/are more accurate than jacketed.311” or smaller bullets. .312” Hornady bullets shoot best, about same as .314” cast. 20gr runs 1,700-1,800fps.

    With 20.0gr #2400, I use the 500yd setting to get zero on Sr1 target at 100yds. (6”bull).

    I get nearly Factory duplication with the 200gr Lee over 34.5gr of H4895. Requires 300yd (meter) sight setting. (2,100fps vs 2,350 w/204gr jacketed).

    Today, I’m going to try some 185gr Lee @.314” over 20.0gr #2400.

    Added; I use a Lee fl set to just “kiss” the shoulder, using the larger expander/decapper. Adequate for a .311” bullet, not too much for a .314” bullet. I use a light crimp applied by a Lee FCD.
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    Ten shots for score, 100 yards at CBA Match from my Finn SAKO M39. Load was 28.5 gr 4895 with dacron filler, Norma cases, WLR primers. Bullet is #2 alloy 314299, sized .314, Hornady GC and 2500+ lube. I NS with Redding bushing die (shortened 284 die) or Lee collet die (308W with washer) giving .002 - .003 neck tension.

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    Larry Gibson

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    Nice 99 Larry, I would like three of those next Saturday

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    update, minimal neck tension with 19 grains worked just dandy, no unburnt powder kernels, consistent & accurate. about 1 moa for 6 shots at 100.

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    Jul 2014
    I don't use any crimp other than to remove the mouth flare when using 2400 in rifle cartridges.


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