Got mold, 2 cavity pb, four months ago. Cast some hundreds then, but loaded up them now. Boolits cast 288gr from about 16/1 lead/tin. Sized to .454 and panlubed with own mixture of beeswax/paraffin/coconut oil.
Load is Starline brass, CCI300 LP primers, N32C powder. Made for velocity testing loads from 7.7gr to 9.2gr ,five loads of each weight.
Shot from my Marlin 1894 CB Limited with 24" barrel.

7.7gr five shots varied from 876 to 915fps

8.2gr didn't got readings (low battery)

8.7gr one reading 990fps

9.2gr five shots inside from 1050 to 1066fps.

That 9.2gr load fills Starline brass to 90% of capacity with this boolit and N32C powder. 100% capacity is 10.6gr without compression.

I was shooting at 150 meters/164 yards range, only that was available. Open sights and fronthand supported to sandbag, buttstock resting just to shoulder, I managed to get those five 9.2gr loads inside 8", four was more like 6". Other groups I didn't measured that much but they were somewhat bigger.

Well I'm very pleased with that boolit and with that "all around" load.

Next trying to get more thump with same boolit and using VV N120 powder (close to Alliant reloder7 ?) or/and VV N110.

Thank You all here at Cast Boolits, I've been getting soo much information that made my start in castin and loadin a lot easier.