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Thread: Best "bang" for your buck

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    Om so your looking for quiet, tree rat accurate to 40 yards with out being overly expensive.

    BEnjamin/sheriden 392 is about as cheap/good as you can get and with just a few simple mods and tweaks can get the trigger and accuracy a bit better.
    Set it up with the williams 64 rear peep sight and your good to go.
    If you are going to scope a air rifle think on lines of that and buy something that is designed for scope mounting from the getgo.
    The air rifle market is on fire with so many coming out. Some are really nice some are a great value.
    I just seen that air venturi came out with a multipump that looks promising.
    I ditched all my brake/barrel rifles many years ago. Only ones i like now in the spring/piston design is side or under lever.
    PCP are very good also and right now there are some entry level ones that are not overly expensive and perfect for back yard pest control.

    this is my standby 30 yard pest control. its a crosman 1400 that's mimute of tree rat and anything else that gets into the 30 yard ring of death. 5 pumps gets me to 500fps with a 14 grain pellet and will drop just about anything 30 yards and in.

    I also have a Benjamin discovery that although shown here with some mods over the years has been minute of tree rat to 50 yards more than a few times. its just under 800fps with 14g pills.

    The pcp guns take a little time to figure out. my disco has a prime air charge where I will get consistent shots... ex if I just fill it to the gauge reads 2000psi the first 8 shots or so will be all over the place. then it settles. It took some time but I found my peak fill is right at 1800psi and I will get a solid 15 consistent shots before velocity starts to suffer.
    that's said this is a first gen disco. I added a trigger job, barrel band and a power regulator (brass knob at the back end) along with a custom stock. on a good day with no wind and a solid platform I got this down to 1/2-5/8" groups at 50 yards
    my disco is set up to be more of a target rifle now with the regulator set to get me about 600fps brings my shot count up with the 10 grain pellets a good amount,

    these are my daily shooters, I have others and the old 760 has taken many of the various yard rats also.

    My friend recently joined the FPP club (idiot) so he has been shifting to air rifles since he no longer can have firearms. He picked up the hatsan flash and I must say for $300 it aint bad we where dinging the the air rifle silhouette chicken target at 50 yards pretty easily right out of the box with a cheap center point scope...
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    I use Aguila Colibri and super Colibri 20 grain 22 subsonic in a scoped bolt action 22. The firing pin makes the most noise with the Colibri and not much more with the super colibri. This is much cheaper than buying an air gun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by farmerjim View Post
    I use Aguila Colibri and super Colibri 20 grain 22 subsonic in a scoped bolt action 22. The firing pin makes the most noise with the Colibri and not much more with the super colibri. This is much cheaper than buying an air gun.
    This is true but you need to be careful and know any particular laws that might dictate if you want to discharge a firearm.
    Depending on the laws and regulations some pest require hunting permits.
    Here where i live you need to be 500' from a dwelling and xx' from a road way.
    By definition a pellet gun can not be a firearm as it does not propell a projectile by explosion or combustion

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    Air Force air rifles are worth looking at as far a value . Not the least expensive . But considering how you can change barrel lengths as well as calibers . Tanks and valves .As well as air and co2 friendly . And the ease of tuning . One rifle can be changed in many ways with out buying a complete rifle for different needs . As far as reliability goes . I have found that if I spray the hammer cylinder with dry lube and apply silicon grease to the outer breach o ring as well as behind the top hat on the valve shaft every few hundred shoots . And apply a little blue thread lock on the top hat allen screws I really do not have any problems . Marvin

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    For me through the years I've found out one thing, ya get what you pay for mostly. I like most of you had a 760 crosman lots of blackbirds it took out then a Sheridan I sold to my buddy. Beeman R9, and a Diana Md 48 I still have. R9 & 48 tack drivers . you're saying 30-40 yds on squirrels, that's a small target and the more inexpensive scopes on the combos not up to the task from what I've seen.Friend of mine has a Swarm that is good at 25 yds. with the right pellet, the scope included not so good he upgraded to a better one. 177 marginal at that distance imho. I know this because my backyard is 40 yds long. hit in the ribs a killing shot most fox squirrels run away (read neighbors yard) and die.Of course a head shot will take em out if the placement is right. bout a one inch target area. I would shy away from springers as they can be temperamental as to how they are held. gas pistons are far superior in the break barrel arena.you can leave em' cocked cant damage a spring that isn't there. a maurader will do the job right out of the box, mine will cut on ragged hole at 25 yd. with a Hawke scope. so in the end I would say get the best you can afford most of the cheaper ones will just aggravate you.
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    Plenty of great suggestions here. The cci quiet in a bolt gun is likely the cheapest option if you have the rifle and can find the ammo. I'd recommend getting the segmented hp if possible, gives you a little wiggle room if you miss that headshot.

    As for air, I would recommend joining the gateway to airgun forum and shopping around the classifieds there. PCP is the way to go. Higher initial cost but you will get an accurate, consistent, and quiet rifle. I have a Benjamin disco with a tko muzzle brake that is whisper quiet and shoots a ragged hole at 30 yrs with jsb diablo exacts. Quality pellets matter even more for air rifles than powder guns. If you don't want to go used you can pick up package with gun and pump from crosman for $300-$400 depending on the model.

    Oh, and get a .22, those tree rats are too tenacious for a .17, especially at subsonic speeds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MT Chambers View Post
    Prolly the best bang for a buck is the DIANA (RWS) 34, a well made springer at a good price, maybe not quite a HW97 or TX200, but better than most imports for under $200.
    I bought a 34 earlier this year. VERY accurate with a fantastic trigger that is light and crisp. Couldn’t be happier with my choice.
    East Tennessee

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