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I have a foundry Highwall kit collecting dust and it may require coil springs as an option to a flat spring.

I had heard you mention that project a while back and I have been meaning to ask how it's been coming along, I was hoping it was near completion as I can't help but take a special interest when I hear about another member taking on a true building project, I sure would like to see more of that here. There was four of those HighWall castings on Ebay a couple of weeks ago (receivers only, no parts) at $175 each and they all sold within hours, another guy had 25 Sharps complete kits for $200 and last time I looked a day or so ago he still had four of them left. He also had several receiver only castings (Sharps) for only $100 and I think there are also a couple of those left.

It doesn't surprise me that you are familiar with "This old Tony's" videos as he is so well known on Youtube but when I first mentioned that video I hadn't remembered it was one of his until I (re)found it yesterday. I made one of those simple spring winding tools back when I watched it the first time but other than just making a few useless practice springs I havn't used it yet, I may drag it out sometime in the next few days and wind a couple of those hammer springs just to see how it goes.