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Thread: 6.8 Rem Thoughts in the contender

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    6.8 Rem Thoughts in the contender

    Anyone shoot the 6.8 rem in a contender, how do you like it ? I currently have both a 7-30 waters & 6.8 rem 14 inch barrel. How do these stack against each other? The 6.8 rem is close to the contender frame limits but factory ammo should still be safe in a contender right ?

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    Boolit Master
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    Jan 2010
    Tom, VA
    The two are very close in performance. If I owned both, I would load them to the same approximate pressure levels. I prefer the 7-30 Waters, but that is because my barrel is the most accurate Contender barrel I own.

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    Boolit Master C A Plater's Avatar
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    Mar 2005
    Eva, Alabama
    I have a carbine 6.8 and 12" 7-30 barrels. The 7 has more bullet choices than the 6.8 but brass is readily available. Both make good deer/varmint medicine. The only factory ammo 6.8 ammo I tried was one box of cheap Remington ball. It grouped like buckshot but handloads shined brightly. My 7-30 is a MGM barrel and it out shoots the 6.8 a bit and has a rim which I prefer in Contenders so I shoot it more. There is no bad choice here.

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    Boolit Master
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    May 2008
    Marion, NC
    I had a 6.8. Sold it pretty quick. Didn't care for the caliber.

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    Boolit Master
    Rcmaveric's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    Jacksonville, FL
    I want to try the .277 Wolverine.
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    Boolit Master Shawlerbrook's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    Central NY
    I have both in G2 carbines and have hunted whitetails with both. They both are very accurate, but the Waters seems to be a more dependable deer killer. Used factory ammo in both .

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    Boolit Mold
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    Jul 2018
    Green country Oklahoma
    I have had both did not care for the 6.8 had all the loading equipment I had a 7.30 rifle set up on a G2 frame sold the barrel several years ago I picked up a 7.30 23 inch couple months ago and put it on the G2 frame may be my deer gun this year also killed my first deer years ago with a 7.30 waters.


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    I'm sticking with my 7-30 waters barrel. It has a muzzle Tamer and I already have dies. Sometimes the contender collection gets out of hand

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    Boolit Master Harter66's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    90 miles North of Texarkana 9 miles from OK in the green hell
    I don't have a Contender .
    I do have a 1 off rifle in 76.8 .
    When or if I get back to it I will most likely recut it to 7-30AI Rimless . With that said , the only downside of the 6.8 SPC is the lack of heavy .270 moulds . I do shoot 2 other rifles in 6.8 SPCII it is an impressive cartridge in that the case is a 90% fill case with almost every rifle powder . Make sure you have a SPCII chamber . Shoot the NOE 279-124 for best results . The 1-11 twist will let you easily reach the 1000 ftlb@100 yd and 2100 fps MV with a bullet that will expand and stay together . The 1-10 will only go about 2000 fps before they get sloppy with H322 . 4198 should be better and gave me better groups but it wouldn't run the gas gun . Subs are hard to get down to , 3.3 gr of Unique under a 150 , which is over the edge of stable out of the 1-10 .
    Jacketed suitable for 6.8 are available in 90,95,100,105,110,120,130 gr although the SST 120,&130 are fragile in the 270 they are sound whitetail/hog game bullets in the 6.8 .

    The 7-30 shines with slow powder and heavy bullets like it's cousins 30-30 and 32 . It does have the advantage of all of the 7mm bullets and both the advantage and disadvantage of the 1-8.5 or 1-9.5 twists . If you get a barrel with a 1-11 twist the 7-30 would be a no brainier choice . That would make the 7mm good for the 175 FP and every other bullet lighter/shorter . The 7-30 has mountians of data for cast and jackets . The 6.8 is a lot skimpy on cast data .

    So there's all I have to offer .
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    Boolit Master
    dk17hmr's Avatar
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    May 2006
    I had a 16" 6.8spc contender barrel with a counterbore cut so I could use 30/30 brass and have a rimmed case.

    I'm a big 6.8 fan and have several but don't have that contender barrel anymore. I do still have my 7/30 barrel though because it's a better round in the contender platform.
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    Boolit Man
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    Dec 2016
    IF the contender shoots any better than my armalite you will have a heck of a little deer gun i am a fan of the 6.8 since the start.

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    Boolit Master
    Chad5005's Avatar
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    May 2018
    Buena Vista GA
    ive got a ruger mini 14 in a 6.8 and love it for short range deer rifle shooting 115gr v max,id like to have it in a contender

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    Boolit Master

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    Mar 2005
    Got a 23” carbine barrel for one of my Contender frames. Last one Ed’s Contender had a few years back. I was a bit nervous about getting it as I was not able to find new brass at that time—not a problem today. You can even find once-fired brass…

    I got an e-mail from Bellm a couple of days ago, and he is offering that cartridge according to the above link—take a look at it if you might be interested. Probably other sources also…

    I’ve attempted to include a pic of my Contender carbine. It’s topped with a Burris 4.5x-14x and has Boyd stock and forend…

    This little critter is an excellent shooter, both jacketed and cast…

    A pic of the reloaded cartridges I have found to be most accurate: Numerous groundhogs with the 90 grain Sierra HP out to 250+ yards. The 110 V-Max is an accurate bullet, but I’ve not used it for hunting. The 120 SST is also a 200-yard accurate shooter and I have taken a couple of white tails with it. And finally what this site is all about, the NOE 279-124-FP. Quite accurate to 200 yards (16-ounce can killer) and it will ring steel at 250 and 300 yards. I’ve shoot a couple of turkey with it at ~75 yards and one at ~135 yards. One nice neat little holes—no meat damage…

    One of my more accurate Contenders for sure…

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