Time for a September Update:
1. Whether here is still Uncomfortable for Outside work so nothing done in my patio 'reloading shop'.
2. Ordered and Received five PT&G Blank die bodies pilot drilled ~3/8" Through.
3. I found out my friend with the Special Effects Shop s taking his first vacation in a decade and is driving up to Vancouver,WA to visit relatives And friends. So I will not be able to use his lathe for about three weeks.
4. I received back my modified Ruger .32 Single Six along wiht two modified Cylinders; one in .32 Colt Long and the other the Modified original .32 H&R magnum cylinder. no to get a time at the local range to test them.
5. I turned in my Customized Ruger .25ACP Single Eight to my gunsmith for final fitting of four new cylinders, all nontapered chambers for .25ACP, .25ALS, .25Mag., and .25ALS cartridges.
6. I purchased off Ebay a Ruger MKI "Takeoff" Barrel and a Ruger MKI 'Broken' Bolt assembly. The barrel is in Good condition and will give me a Model to measure for machining a .25 Caliber Barrel blank to fit the Pistol. The bolt has a broken firing pin retainer pin and recoil spring assembly, both should be easy replaceable items.
7. I have ordered a pair of 3/4" ID Drill Bushings to us as ring gauges in measuring the bolt firing pin channel depths, which varies over the channel length. They should arrive this week, shipped from Illinois.
8. Last Saturday I tripped leaving a Restaurant over a parking stop block and fell forward injuring myself. sore Left chest, abrasions on both forearms and right Knee, cut lip, bloody nose And bent glasses. All Are slowly healing as is normal for my time in Life; i take two 'tynol'(sp?) caplets before bed to get some sleep without 'twinges' interrupting it.
9. I have been thinking on my Ruger MKII Pistol about possibilities of converting it to CF and eventually Converting it to .25ACP, which is more difficult.
The CF conversion may be relatively easy as it only takes a modified Bolt and Firing Pin to be able to cycle .22 Ladybug-Repeater cartridges.
Magazine modifications would be needed to change to .221 Atkins Cartridges.
A completely new magazine would be needed along wiht a Barrel to change to .25ACP cartridges.

What are your, the readers, thoughts on this possible project?

Chev. William