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Thread: First post,a bit involved Q

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    May 2018
    Sry to say the idiots that keeps my pic server decided to go "new and improved",and in doing so changed every URL there was.

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    Trying to upload pics here,to no avail though?

    No matter. Pic server of mine is still down,but have taken plenty of them to share as soon as the server is up and running again.

    Showtime..and in short?
    Small step for man,giant leap for mankind.

    Them shrinksleeve cartridges just simply works,and they work very very well. All those who shoot Chassepot are familiar with "clicks". In this case no such thing.

    Proof of concept? No doubt. Flaws? Yes. One,and well get to that.

    Cartridge has been fireformed over a mandrel i turned on the lathe,as been noted earlier. Major difference there is that this cartridge registers on the bottle neck of the cartridge,not the bullet.
    A 459/405 Lee HB bullet. As cast. 93 grains of Wasag 3F and then..the kicker held by the 9mm blank rimmed round i use as a primer.

    Per advice i strapped the in this case completely stock Chassepot to a pair of old wheels and hooked a piece of string to the trigger..boom.

    To be able to check into any stress or cracks i opted to dismantle the barrel from the receiver and in doing so... Ive done that before,with my modified rifle,and let me tell you... This is no walk in the park.
    Barrel threads on the "wrong" way and if not previously serviced is on there you wont believe. Heating the receiver cherry red is what it takes AND an approx 1 meter long lever on the wrench.
    Bolting the thing back together again though is easy as pie,just add some copper grease to the threads and go at it.
    This to be able to check the material involved way better then if the barrel n receiver would have been in one piece.

    Ive previously cut into the receiver and barrel both on my modified rifle and thus know that the gun is certainly made out of steel. Theres no questions there,and as such the dimensions involved are overkill-to say the least.

    Ive fired 22 rounds out of it today,and they have ALL gone "boom" on first attempt. This,to me,proves that the filled cartridge,that registers on the bottleneck,is ample stiff enough to make sure the rear of the cartridge does NOT flex,and thus the blank cartridge/primer does its job. Every time.

    Culprit though is the stock "umbrella",which by any means is needed,and all 22 rounds have gone off in such a manner that the primer pocket of the blank has been completely blown out and the remains of the cartridge has been pressed onto the umbrella. In short,each round ment bringing the Leatherman out to pry the remains off of the umbrella.
    Ergo,i need to go back to the drawing board to figure out some other means of primer,and as of right now shotgun primers comes to mind.

    That said.
    Apart from the primer/blank residing ON the umbrella the rest of what was loaded up evacuated just fine. Nothing remained in the barrel,not for any of the 22 shots fired.
    Soot,as were accustomed to,was down and i presume this from a few facts....

    First up the shrink sleeve cartridge most likely smears to the chamber walls upon firing. About making THAT part of the cartridge "gas tight".
    Second up the "kicker" few grains of smokeless within the blank that acts as a primer most likely helps in that dept too.

    In short this trial has been a massive success. Proof of concept has certainly been achieved and seing that..i just need to figure that part out with the primer setup.

    Happy as pie in short boys.....and more to come

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	121.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	123.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	125.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	126.jpg 
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ID:	225156

    Seems making the files way smaller might work?

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    A follow up.
    As i wrote there was rather little soot residue. All i did at the range was pump a few shots of Ballistol down the barrel to neutralize the acids.
    Here at home in turn,tonight,i brought the brushes and what not out.

    Into the shower with the barrel,out with a regular nylon brush for a 12ga and regular dishwasher fluid. Took a mere few strokes,rinse with running water.
    Pushed a few wipes through it that had been merely "wetted" with Balli and that was it.

    In other words my first observations was right and to the point. Less soot then usual,and i presume this is due to the smokeless kicker of the blank cartridge/primer.

    That said,what could we use as a "bottom" for this cartridge that will hold say a 6mm/0,25" shotgun primer steady enough and that will desintegrate and evacuate on boom?
    Some sort of cardboard?

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    So pushing forward.

    First up a few pics of how to MAKE these **** things!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	128.jpg 
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ID:	225249

    So. This is the mandrel ive turned out of aluminium. Cut to length in as much that its shorter than needed,and this of course for a reason.
    In turn its got a mark at 40mm which lends me that all i do is set it in the vice at that mark,and thus..get 40mm between the "bottom" of the cartridge and the bottleneck,on which it registers.
    At this point i spray the mandrel down with a couple of shots of 5-56/WD-40 or similar to ease getting the finished cartridge shell off of there.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	129.jpg 
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Size:	49.9 KB 
ID:	225250

    As you can see the shrink sleeve is somewhat longer than the mandrel. Ive made sure the top of the mandrel is flat and in turn make sure the base of the bullets are too.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	130.jpg 
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Size:	60.9 KB 
ID:	225251

    Uhu. Just pan lube these LEE 459/405s and drop them onto the mandrel and center them. Then out the heatgun comes..

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	131.jpg 
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Size:	54.8 KB 
ID:	225252

    As i want the thing uniform and in turn inline i heat the bottom of the shell up first and work around the cartridge as i go. In this manner the shell conforms to the mandrel and bullet both.
    Adjustments are very easy to make as long as the shrink sleeve is a tad more than luke hot even.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	132.jpg 
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ID:	225253

    Now,it might be just me being anal but all said and done i also secure the bullet to the shrink sleeve with a couple of drops of superglue.

    This done i set it aside,today ive made 50 of them,and let them cool where after i clean them out with a regular gun brush on the zink to get rid of any form of grease which can contaminate the powder.
    That done,just leave them to dry.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	133.jpg 
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ID:	225254

    Right. So i had issues with the primer/blank cartridge setup. Cheap is imperative and simple is imperative. It dawned on me..why not wood? So that there is a piece/disc of pine. Regular dirt cheap broom handle that ive turned to size and in turned drilled a hole into to fit the new primer setup.
    Seing how well the blank cartridge addition of absolute minor amounts of smokeless going to add a few grains to the mix manually this time out.
    The primer is a RWS for shotgun shells and is small enough to evacuate the chamber and barrel,and i expect the pine disc to evaporate to kingdom come..

    Beauty of using wood as sorts of an "anvil",for lack of better description,is that it is very easy to work with. Ie;need be the wooden disc can be turned to whatever is needed for whatever choice of primer one arrives on really.

    Weve had a hell of a summer here,to the point where weve been prohibited to shoot like were used to but in the last couple of days weve had at least decent amounts of rain.
    Thus the ban will be lifted come this weekend for the range where im a member so...

    Only one way to find out right?

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